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Stella & Chewy Raw-diggity-Dog Treats

Earlier this summer we received a box full of dog treats from the folks at Stella & Chewy. Not all that unique an occurrence in the PupStyle offices – so we filed them away under ‘treats’.

A few weeks later we ran out of dog food and were in a pinch for something to feed to dogs. It was pretty late and all of the pet stores were closed. Ok doggies – looks like it is treats for Dinner! At first feeding the dogs treats for dinner felt like the same kind of cheating you might feel if you gave your kids toaster waffles for dinner (as if! ;)). Looking through the treat closet we came across the box from Stella & Chewy. Upon reading the label – Stella & Chewy Carnivore Treats were just 100% raw meat. Woah that’s way better/healthier than 90% of filler-laced dog food! And the dogs LOVED them – being PupStyle test subjects our dogs have turned into total treat snobs – so if they LOVE them something it has got to be special.

Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Treats are offered in 5 varieties Beef, Bison, Chicken, Duck and Wild Alaskan Salmon and are simply freeze-dried raw meat. One extra bonus to being freeze dried versus frozen (like most raw treats) is your don’t get “melted meat hands” after treating your pup. Stella & Chewy was founded by Marie Moody out of necessity for her newly adopted dog’s dietary needs and continues to be driven by her research with dietary experts and vets.


Dara Foster’s Pupstylish Valentine’s Gift Guide

Pet Style expert Dara Foster unleashes a pack of great Valentine’s gift ideas for your pet

Dara Foster\'s PupStylish Valentines Day Gift Guide

For this Valentine’s day, PupStyle your pooch to show them some extra lovin’!

Don’t leave the dogs out when it comes to Valentine’s celebrations. Get ready to spoil your pooch with some stylish heart-themed FASHION & COLLARS, HARNESSES & TAGS, HOME INTERIOR, TREATS & EATS, GROOMING & TOYS that won’t go stale after Valentine’s Day is over.

Join Pet Style Expert and PupStyle.com Co-Founder, Dara Foster for a look at some fun and creative ways to celebrate your unconditional love for your dog.


Dogo Design- Endless Love sweatshirt $25
Snugly and sweet never goes out of style and you’re guaranteed both with this Pup-Stylish heart sweatshirt from Dogo. Affordable fashion & warmth during winter’s frigid temperatures. This detailed sweatshirt is designed with quality at a very sweet price and has nice roomy arms holes for total comfort.
Available at: Trixie and Peanut

26 Bars And A Band Avant Garde™ Heart Print Retractable Leash $39
Stay connected with your sweetheart by attaching them to this heart print retractable leash. A fresh take on the traditional retractable leashes and a must-have for active city dogs who need extra range during their walks. Available in two sizes and holds up to 29 lbs… making this a great leash choice for small dogs.
Available at: 26BarsAndABand.com

Fetchers & Fighters Pink Sparkling Collar $35
Add a splash of highlight color to your beloved with this eye-catching sparkly pink collar. These “vegan” collars are available in a wide range of sizes and colors and look amazing on any dog. They are also water-proof and great for transitioning into wet Spring weather.

Available at: FetchersandFighters.com


Poochee Dog-Heart Beat step-in harness $58
Step-in and get ready to step-out in style! Ultra simple “step-in” design fits all sizes without needing to fuss with buckles. Made out of animal friendly materials this is a fantastic gift even if you don’t know the gift recipient’s size!
Available at: HauteDogBoutique.com

Cleopatra personalized Alpha Letters & Heart Of Gold I.D. Tags $15-29
Part of loving your dog is keeping him safe, so deck him out in a cool personalized tag by Cleopatra. These I.D. tags can be personalized with a name and emergency contact phone number on the back for total safety and style. Tags are something your dog wears every day, so make it something you enjoy looking at. Choose from collection of colorful enamel tags accented with 22K Gold or lead-free Pewter. Lasting style for a low price and a gift for all seasons.
Available at: trixieandpeanut.com


WetNoz Studio Bowl $4-9
The quickest path to your dogs heart is through their stomach – why not touch their heart with one of these contemporary and innovative Studio Bowls. A dish you won’t want to hide when guests arrive and might secretly want to share. It’s light weight, has an easy to grip handle, and non-skid feet to prevent dish scooting. Sizes range from 1 to 5 cup serving sizes for all appetites.
Available at WetNoz.com

Custom photo canvas artwork $59-$109

We treasure our dogs like priceless works of art, so why not turn them into one? You’ll become a total gift hero when you present your loved one with a blown-up photo of their pet printed on canvas and stretched over a wooden frame. Simply e-mail any digital photo, select a size and in a few days you’ll have your own personal masterpiece. A memorable gift for yourself or anyone who ever loved a pet.
Available at: CanvasOnDemand.com


The Organic Dog Biscuit Cook Book by Jessica Talley $12.24
This makes a unique gift for any dog lover who loves to bake. Instead of giving out candy kisses, show your dog some love with home-made, organic treats. This can be a fun winter activity for the whole family and this book includes over 100 simple, healthy, organic recipes. You can turn the biscuits you make into gifts for other dogs. You’ll never fail to impress a dog owner with home-made dog treats as a gift!
Available at: Amazon.com

Bubba Rose Biscuit Company-Carob & Peanut butter treats $12.50
If you don’t have time to bake home-made dog biscuits check out the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company’s Pugs & Kisses Valentine’s gift sets. Created by the Organic Dog Biscuit Cook book author Jessica Talley . These all natural, %100 organic, carob and peanut butter cookies are so yummy you’ll want to take a bite yourself! Each gift set includes 5 cookies and a beautiful hand-printed and letter pressed cards.
Available at: BubbaRoseBiscuit Co.

DogToids breath fresheners by Bamboo $4.50
At last, an after dinner Valentine’s breath mint for Fido! Now, you’ll appreciate more “pleasant” licks from your pooch. DogToids breath fresheners are little treats that are meaty flavored for dogs yet loaded with fresh parsley to freshen your dogs breath. They come in a handy to carry tin can for easy travels.

For local retailers check: BambooPet.com


Sexy Beast Fragrance- $50
Finally when someone says “you smell like your dog”, you’ll take it as a compliment! Sexy Beast has created a truly beautiful, uinsex, sophisticated-yet not stuffy, fragrance that you and your dog can share. The fragrance is carefully formulated for dog’s sensitive sense of smell and balanced just right for the human. Low alcohol, hypo-allergenic and paraben-free.
Available at: SexyBeastStyle.com

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff-Strawberry Treat Spot $10.45
For some play time, share sweet strawberries that won’t leave a mess on your floor and will keep Rover entertained for hours. This activity toy is as beautiful as it is tough. It has a “spot” for stashing a special Valentine’s treat. If you can’t be together this will help ease the separation anxiety by entertaining your dog with independent play. It’s made in the USA by a great friendly eco-company in Maine. All materials are non-toxic and can be recycled with ordinary household materials when finished.
Available at: Planet Dog

Lani Dig Your Dog Spa Treatments $18.95
Before snuggling up together at the end of a long Valentine’s Day, give your dog an “at home” spa treatment with Lani Dig Your Dog shampoo & Conditioner. Loaded with tons of natural skin and coat softening ingredients, this shampoo and conditioner will leave your dog’s coat silky smooth and smelling great. Available in dog friendly scents like Park, Wood and Beach.
Available at LaniDigYourDog.com


Izzy Yum Yums Sushi treats for Dogs

You have the whole pack lip-smacking over these hyper-realistic sushi treats from Pittsburgh based Izzy Yum Yums. It all started when Suzanne Komaniak took a stab at cooking up some cute dog treats for a friends’ local boutique – and all of sudden a dog treat design star was born! The attention to detail with these beautiful treats is what lead the Westminster Dog Show to include Izzy Yum Yums in their exclusive swag bags. The Sushi snack treats are available in small dog and big dog sizes – with a 17 piece set running $16 or $19 respectively. The treats are made from rice and chicken broth from local farmers and come complete with mock wasabi, california rolls, oshinko, shrimp, salmon, & tuna.


Kung Fu Fido – fortune cookies from Sojos

Minnesota based Sojourner Farms has been making DIY “homemade” dog food since 1985 (think Hamburger Helper for Hounds). And with the recent dog food recalls interest in the source of our dogs food has become tantamount. In addition to healthy helpings of food – they have also taken on the treat market. Their latest treat is Kung-Fu Fido – a Chicken Liver flavored Fortune Cookie. 12 individually wrapped cookies are packed in this sassy little take-out container. Each cookie contains a fortune (be sure to remove the fortune before treating if you care to read it). Surprisingly enough the fortunes eschew the typical dog pun route and are actually pretty funny. e.g. “Confucious say, dog who run behind car get exhausted”. Kung Fu Fido Fortune Cookies are available directly from Sojourner Farms for $6.95 for a box of 12.


Quick-draw Treat Gunner from Frolick SnackShotz

There’s a new Treat Slinger in town. Now your 3.2 lbs of Pup fury can be a true gun dog! And no need for mucking through yucky swamps or dodging vice-presidential pot-shots! This Frolick SnackShotz Treat Gun shoots disc shaped doggie treats up to 12 feet for days of mindless fun for the couch potato owner and treat motivated canine. Give your trigger finger a full workout while rewarding your pooch with chicken, beef or minty Disco biscuits that’ll help clean their teeth and freshen that breath. This Wafer Weapon only works with their Discos brand treat bullets (though you could try jamming in some Alka-seltzer!). The Treat Launcher will cost you $21.00 and a bag of Discos refills will run you $3.99 a bag. Please show some restraint and avoid the temptation to nail the cat with this.

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