Kung Fu Fido – fortune cookies from Sojos

Minnesota based Sojourner Farms has been making DIY “homemade” dog food since 1985 (think Hamburger Helper for Hounds). And with the recent dog food recalls interest in the source of our dogs food has become tantamount. In addition to healthy helpings of food – they have also taken on the treat market. Their latest treat is Kung-Fu Fido – a Chicken Liver flavored Fortune Cookie. 12 individually wrapped cookies are packed in this sassy little take-out container. Each cookie contains a fortune (be sure to remove the fortune before treating if you care to read it). Surprisingly enough the fortunes eschew the typical dog pun route and are actually pretty funny. e.g. “Confucious say, dog who run behind car get exhausted”. Kung Fu Fido Fortune Cookies are available directly from Sojourner Farms for $6.95 for a box of 12.

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