Nature’s Art Turned Into Elegant Personalized Dog Chews

I doubt most of us look at animal bones or Elk antler as as chewable art for dogs, but Heather Crowe the Founder of Charlie Bax does! She walks through the woods and stumbles upon a naturally shed Elk Antler found on the ground and sees a canvas for engraving.


PupStyle CEO Oliver is excited dig into his personalized antler, but it’s almost to pretty to destroy. I am choosing to keep mine on a decorative shelf as an art pice and memorial for my dog that I can keep forever.


Most deer and elk shed their antlers during March and April, a time when their testosterone levels are generally at the lowest. The shedding process takes about 2-3 weeks leaving sculptural antlers for artists to turn into personalized dog chews and candles.



Charlie Bax is a artisan collection of bone ware for the home and family dog that makes for an elegant holiday gift for both pets and parents.



Choose your own size and one of of their available fonts (custom fonts available for additional cost – and your chewable art will be shipped directly to your doorstep.



The antlers are very good for dental hygiene and are great at removing plaque from your dogs teeth too! A truly unique gift that will make your loved one go “woof” or “WOW”.

Prices range from $32.00 for a small to $48 for an X-Large.


Watch Dara Foster’s Tips On The Better Show ” How To Throw A Stress Free Dog Birthday Party!”

Tune into The Better Show to learn my tips for throwing a stress free dog birthday party!

Co-Host “Mo” turned 5 this week and my friends at Better TV asked me to join them to show viewers how to throw a really easy, stress-free birthday party. They are fur children after all..duh!

-Mo’s personalized party hat, bow tie and decor are from

-Yummy and beautiful, organic cake from BubbaRose’sBiscuitCompany

-Interactive Twister by Nina Ottosson and singing birthday cake from

-Orbee-Tuff Mazee interactive balls by Planet Dog



Behind the scenes at the Better TV studios


Wobble Ball Dog Toy by P.L.A.Y.

I really can’t resist an aesthetically cool, modern and functional dog toy…it’s like a little piece of functional art for fido.









P.L.A.Y.  well known for their luxury line of very PupStylish dog beds and rolled out the Wobble Ball Dog Toy which is made from durable Polycarbonate and ABS thermoplastic.









You simply drop in a dog treat, put your feet up and giggle while your fur baby has a grand time burning off energy trying to reach the treat!  $17.90




Jonathan Woofiliscious Adler at JCP

I’m a little obsessed with JCP right now. Not only do thier stores look amazing but they keep suprising us at every turn. Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler fuses colorful patterns, great design and quality at affordable prices in a glamorous new collection that mixes classic design and current trends.

Part of that collection are these adorable dog bowls and treat jars. A must have for the ” Happy and Chic ” pet owner!


Canines for Veterans! Harry Barker Gives Back ❤

Harry Barker is proud to support Canines for Veterans, a ‘triple win’national program.


First, Canines for Veterans saves dogs’ lives, rescuing them from shelters. Next, they teach military inmates how to train the dogs to serve wounded veterans.

This gives the inmates a purpose and helps rehabilitate them.

Finally, the trained dogs are paired with wounded veterans, assisting them with everyday tasks and enriching their lives.

Harry Barker contributes a portion of the proceeds of three specially designed products to Canines for Veterans. Please join us in saluting the folks at Harry Barker! Check out the awesome fun products that will help keep this program alive!





Urban Cycling With Your Best Friend!

Another trend spotted at SuperZoo? Cycling with your best friend! We got an EXCLUSIVE look at Sidekick by Sleepypod.

We are BIG fans of Sleepypod and could not survive airline travel without our Sleepypod ATOM.

The Atom!

So we were really excited to see the Sidekick.   Sidekick is designed as a stable frame to hold a Sleepypod pet carrier with your pet inside. The front loading bike rack uses the center of gravity right above the front tire for maximum stability rather than the handlebars that can sway and therefore be unstable.

The Sidekick will be available soon so keep your eyes peeled for the launch!

The Sidekick!

If you have multiples or if  your pet is a tad too big to ride in an Atom  AND  you are a fan of relentless Italian Design the Petego Comfort Wagon is for you.

Smartly designed suspension, with a marked emphasis on safety, this wagon will open up a whole new world of activities for you and your pets!

The Pet Ego Comfort Wagon

Safety first!  Especially when you have precious cargo onboard. Whether you’re taking a trip down the block or headed toward a faraway place, your riding companion is sure to appreciate a custom made helmet from Rock Star Puppy.

You can choose from a wide selection of airbrush designs OR create one of your own!  Our favorite? The BadAss Mohawk helmet!

Give 'em a Mohawk!

And when you are out and about don’t forget to HYDRATE! The Troff  Pouch Hydration bottle was one of the smartest products we saw at Superzoo! Troff is  State of the Art Hydration for Dogs. The twist off top, non-spill valve, and fold to go anywhere approach creates a ‘no excuse’ policy for maintaining proper hydration and preventing dehydration. AND it’s eco friendly! The Tröff™ pouch reduces landfill waste by over 90% compared to water bottles of the same volume. It is reusable until damaged.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

Dara Foster’s stylish Valentine’s Day Gifts 2012 on NJ 12

Pet style expert Dara Foster appeared on New Jersey 12 this weekend with a haul of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the other love of your life – your dog! Check out below for a full list of the featured products with prices and links to purchase.

Bubba Roses Biscuit Company Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook $14.95
You’ve Got Heart Organic Dog Cookies by Bubba Rose’s Biscuit Company $9.99
available from

Pink Winter Dog Coat by Cynthia Rowley $24.99
available at TJ Maxx Nationwide

Puppy Locks Dog Clip-On Feather Hair Extensions $20.00
available from

Healing Jewelry For Pets Gemstone Heart Pendants For Cats And Dogs $38.00
available from

Up Country Pop Hearts Cat And Dog Collars $9.00
available from

“Puppy Love” Fragrance By Pepper & Tanky $44.00
available from

Dog Bed Duvet Cover, Pillow, & Stuff Sack By Molly Mutt $49.00
Molly Mutt Organic Dog Bed Freshener Spray $12.00
available from

Freezy Pups Kit-Make Yourself Frozen Dog Treats – $19.99
available from


DIY Holiday Dog Biscuits

One festive holiday project that keeps the kids busy and tails wagging is make your own dog biscuits. A simple dough cut in fun and unique shapes and displayed in a pretty container or serving tray is a great shareable gift for neighbor dogs and pet parents alike.

Bubba Roses Biscuit Company Organic Dog biscuit Cook Book is my goto cookbook for simple, organic and healthy dog treats. Below is my all time fav recipe thanks to it’s easy prep and resounding approval from the dogs.

Cheese Please
1 1/2 c. oat flour
1 1/2 c. brown rice flour
1/2 c. grated parmesan cheese
1 c. water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix throughly until a dough forms. Roll the dough out on a lightly floured surface to 1/4″ thickness.

Previous to baking cut your biscuits using fun shapes like squirrels, fire hydrants and the classic dog bone from a Vermont designer Ann Clark. offers these and a wide variety of other unique cookie cutter shapes for $3.99 each.

Place on an un-greased cookie sheet – they can be pretty close together as they don’t spread much while cooking. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven and let cool.

Once your dog treats are cooled and ready to serve, keep them fresh in an air-tight treat jar placed near the front door of your house. When dog guests arrive, welcome them to your house with a delicious, healthy treat! I found this snazzy little treat container available for $12.99 from homegoods stores nationwide.

For more great DIY dog biscuit recipes check out Bubba Roses Organic Dog Biscuit Cook Book

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