Dara Foster’s Dog Glamping Getaway & Gear Guide


Definition of glamping in English:



Pronunciation: /ˈglampɪŋ/
  • A form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping:glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries

Glamping is quickly becoming the hottest new summer travel trend and sweeping across the globe. It’s no secret that people have been camping with their dogs for years, but finally you can Glamp with your dog in total luxury.

No more fretting over ruining your dogs grooming or brining ugly camping supplies along that will just kill your Glamp vibe.  Now, there are plenty of pet friendly Glamping destinations and luxury gear for the pampered pup.  This is the PupStyle way after all!

1. Choose your destination:

Visit Yellow Stone National Park and stay at Yellow Stone Under Canvas  which offers a huge variety of BEAUTIFUL Glamping tents and is pet friendly!  Prices can vary in the hundreds of dollars per night range depending on which accommodations you choose. $25 pet fee.

There are tons pet friendly Glamping spots all across the country and a quick google search can lead the way to more options.


4 ESSENTIALS Pieces every dog Glamper must have!!!

1. Dog Carrier:  You are going to need a way safely contain your fur baby at times when traveling and Petote’s Lux Rio Bag in ivory does triple duty as a roller carrier, car seat and back pack!  $250

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.43.14 PM
2. Travel Bed:  Crypton makes a glam yet sturdy  travel bed IDEAL for Glamping with your pooch.  Beautiful fabrics that are super man strength combined with easy packing design.  Use this in both your car and your Glamping destination.  Travel Bed Of Roses is- stain, moisture and odor resistant with GreenGuard certified fabric.
Travel Bed of Roses
3. Travel Throw blanket-Cryton makes a pretty yet outdoorsy throw blanket will be your life saver on a Glamping trip.  Use it as a pick-nick blanket, beach blanket throw to cover up your car seats to keep them clean.  This will come handy in more ways that you can imagine.  Stain, moisture and odor resistant $99.
Cherries Teal
4.  Travel Food & Water Bowls: Sleepy Pod recently launched a BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL travel food and bowl set. The Yummy Travel Bowls is a model three-in-one product that that allows a pet owner to store, transport, and serve pet food and water simultaneously, without mixing or spillage of the contents.  All in PupStyle $39.99

Dog Stair Lift- Will We Ever See the Stair Of The Dog 2022?

“Hey dog you need a lift?  Thats exactly what your pooch will be doing by taking a lift in the worlds first prototype of a  dog stairlift.

Not only will this take the place of having to carry your FAT heavy, tired dog up and down the stairs, but this will help conserve energy of elderly dogs and dogs with physical disabilities.  In fact, this product would also be great for seniors who have trouble getting rover up and down the stairs. But will this ever come to market? Hummmm…we are waiting.

Hows it work?

This doggy stairlift is activated by your dogs paw once the dog is sitting on the electronic platform. The price of this “Stair of the Dog 2022” is $8,000. This is such a unique invention for dogs, yes but maybe the stairlifts should just be used for the elderly. I mean whats next life alert for dogs? Hmm well I guess anything is possible.


I Like Big Mutts Tote by Dog Is Good

Dog is good sent me this amazing, high quality tote “I like Big Mutts” canvas bag!!

I attention every time I walk out of the house with it. It has a cool screen printed front and embroidered back. It’s a nice size for carrying a spring blanket and lunch to the park in with your mutt $23.99. It’s a great gift for yourself or any self respecting dog lover–with a sense if humor.




Urban Cycling With Your Best Friend!

Another trend spotted at SuperZoo? Cycling with your best friend! We got an EXCLUSIVE look at Sidekick by Sleepypod.

We are BIG fans of Sleepypod and could not survive airline travel without our Sleepypod ATOM.

The Atom!

So we were really excited to see the Sidekick.   Sidekick is designed as a stable frame to hold a Sleepypod pet carrier with your pet inside. The front loading bike rack uses the center of gravity right above the front tire for maximum stability rather than the handlebars that can sway and therefore be unstable.

The Sidekick will be available soon so keep your eyes peeled for the launch!

The Sidekick!

If you have multiples or if  your pet is a tad too big to ride in an Atom  AND  you are a fan of relentless Italian Design the Petego Comfort Wagon is for you.

Smartly designed suspension, with a marked emphasis on safety, this wagon will open up a whole new world of activities for you and your pets!

The Pet Ego Comfort Wagon

Safety first!  Especially when you have precious cargo onboard. Whether you’re taking a trip down the block or headed toward a faraway place, your riding companion is sure to appreciate a custom made helmet from Rock Star Puppy.

You can choose from a wide selection of airbrush designs OR create one of your own!  Our favorite? The BadAss Mohawk helmet!

Give 'em a Mohawk!

And when you are out and about don’t forget to HYDRATE! The Troff  Pouch Hydration bottle was one of the smartest products we saw at Superzoo! Troff is  State of the Art Hydration for Dogs. The twist off top, non-spill valve, and fold to go anywhere approach creates a ‘no excuse’ policy for maintaining proper hydration and preventing dehydration. AND it’s eco friendly! The Tröff™ pouch reduces landfill waste by over 90% compared to water bottles of the same volume. It is reusable until damaged.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

Flavor X Porter Dog Ruck – a backpack carrier for your Dog

Japanese bag brand Porter has made another pet product collaboration – this time with super-cool pet product design studio Flavor. Porter’s previous collab effort of a dog collar from streetwear designer Original Fake turned into a big hit. But this time around Porter has gone to their strength (bags) and designed a innovative dog carrier for the urban pup on the go. The “Dog Ruck” is a high quality backpack carrier made out of water repellent cloth and reinforced with double stitching. The interior includes a lead hook – to prevent unexpected jump-outs – as well as a padded bottom for the dogs comfort. For the smaller dogs there is also zipper netting to contain your pooch while out and about. While I don’t think I would hop on a motorcycle with my dog on board this way – it does offer a much easier method for moving around a city or traveling short distances. Currently the Flavor x Porter Dog Ruck is only available in Japan and it costs $460+USD (52,000 Yen). But with the ever expanding pet fashion marketplace in the US and Porter’s interest in producing cool dog products – it is only a matter of time before they make it to North America and Europe.


Fabu Dog Bags from JCLA!

When Hollywood actor/model, Jeanne Chinn purchased a messenger bag with an appliqué of a sleeping kitty on it she had no idea the stir it would cause., Jeanne had grown tired of hearing people exclaim, “I would kill for a bag like that with a DOG on it!” That was her “Ah-Ha!” Moment and Rescue Me Totes was born.
Driven by a desire to create casual couture bags with a cause she designed and manufactured the bags herself. These fabu totes serve as an everyday carry-all and have a leash clip so you can clip your favorite furry friend inside.
When my bag arrived you could hear my scream of “OMG GORGEOUS!!!” from New York to L.A! The signature golden paws immediately caught my eye as well as the luxurious micro mink lining that snaps out and can be replaced with a black signature lining. Everything about this bag screams couture right down to the jeweled dog collar on the silhouetted dogs and cat!

The best part of all? For every Rescue Me Tote sold a portion of the proceeds go to worthy animal charities. We heart Jeanne for that!

The bags come in Flirty Feline, Te Quiero Chihuahua, Doggie Style and I Love New Yorkie. The bags cost $210 and a potion of the proceeds go to animal charities.


Super cool airline style bags from Bagira

If you’ve made it this far into the holiday season your gift well is probably running dry for new and interesting ideas. Another holiday present option for the fashionable “dog-minded” person on your list is the Bagira bag series. A straight forward and clean-lined series of dog motifs decorate the exterior to these handy on-the-go bags. The series ranges (see below) from a shoulder strapped Poodle model to an extra long Daschund model to a standard bag edition (with the non-breed specific Bagira logo). Our European readers definitely get the better of this deal as the bags range in price from 80-155 Euros ($120-$230 USD) and they are available directly from Bagira on their site.

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