French Bulldog Fashion & Macaron Dog Treats

All things French or should we say “Frenchie”  seem to be taking over the pet world these days. According to the American Kennel Club, the French Bulldog was the #2 most popular dog breed in America in 2021 just behind the Labrador Retriever.
French themed luxury pet products and websites dedicated to French  Bulldog fashion are popping up on the internet.  for example features products curated just for French Bulldogs and the  pet parents who love them.
If your dog isn’t French  don’t worry! You can embrace the lux French lifestyle  buy indulging your pup with all-natural, human-grade macarons with a hint of lavender. Check out the gorgeous and delicious line of dog macaroon treats and plush toys by Bonne et Filou. A distinctive French-inspired brand for those who live for luxury and love care about  living PupStyle! Dog macarons are made from human-grade ingredients. Available in a variety of flavors including BIRTHDAY CAKE! Yummy!

If your dog is on a diet and don’t fret! You can still be part of the French fun with this new line of plush Macaron toys by Bonnie et Filou. They offer 3 and 6 packs of plushies with squeezers inside. Always be sure to supervise your pup when squeakers are involved to avoid choking.

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Dara Foster’s PupStylish Way to Take Your Dog To Work with

As employers look for more work perks and ways to retain happy employees, bringing your dog to the office is becoming more popular than ever before. When needed fall fashion and style tips, they called PupStyle Founder and Pet Style Expert, Dara Foster to get the scoop.

Check out Dara’s interview with Sophia Kercher from about stylish ways to take your dog to the office this Fall.


“According to recent studies, an increasing number of pet parents are bringing their furry loved ones along with them to work: Not only have 60 percent of surveyed pet parents previously left a job because it did not allow them to bring their pet to work, but 70 percent also said they’d accept lower pay to land a pet-friendly job—and that’s saying something.


“It’s been really interesting to see that as work attire has become more casual—with more people doing hybrid or remote work—pet carrier bags have become more casual,” says Foster. “Dog dads are really embracing pet carriers for both cats and dogs, and items are much more unisex as they bring in their pets to work.”


Foster would know. She has written her blog for over a decade, as well as five children’s books about dogs, including “PupStyle: When I Grow Up,” which features dogs styled as different career professions that kids can learn about and aspire to.”

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Bar Dog Wine by Vintage Wine Estates Review

Living together in style with your pet is our mission here at PupStyle HQ and that extends to everything we do in life. Vintage Wine Estates makes it easy by offering a lovely, affordable wine your girlfriends will rave about at your next Yappy Hour gathering while also giving back to the Petfinder Foundation.

Founded as a labor of love by creator Terry Wheatley, Bar Dog is delicious California wine made to be enjoyed every day. For the love of dogs and all they bring to our lives, Bar Dog wines has committed to supporting rescue shelters across North America in partnership with the Petfinder Foundation. The Petfinder Foundation awards grants funded by Bar Dog wines to shelters, helping them provide pet food, supplies, and veterinary treatment for dogs awaiting adoption.

Non-profit rescue shelters simply visit Petfinder Foundation online and submit an application. Upon approval, funds will be distributed directly from a $30,000 fund supported by the sales of Bar Dog wines in the U.S. and Canada. These non-restricted operating grants from Bar Dog Gives Back help organizations continue their good work to find dogs their forever homes.

Check out Bar Dog Wine Chardonnay which is rich and creamy on the palate with flavors of baked apple with notes of baking spice and vanilla.  It has a a buttery crème brulee finish and at $15 price point leaves you a little left over for dog treats! #PupStyleApproved



Pet Halloween Costume Spending Surges

PupStyle CEO and Author, Dara Foster was a guest on Fox Business News on Halloween to chat about the impact of social media on pet halloween costume spending and what is causing the surge in pet Halloween costume spending. Dara can be reached for further interviews and comments at

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Dog Poop Bag Holder Nominated for 2021 ETSY Design Award

Let’s not be shy about talking about dog poop. It’s a part of pet parenthood we all have to “handle”. You might as well make it stylish and invest in a pretty, personalized poo bag holder that attaches to a dog leash.

The pet product category of all things “poop” has grown so much that your dog’s poop bag holder has become a bit of a status symbol at the dog park. Etsy is even looking at poop bag holders as something that can be beautifully designed as illustrated by SPRI Studios being featured as a 2021 Etsy Design Award Finalist.

Handmade from sustainably sourced, premium quality British leather and made in the UK. It’s  a clever origami design that’s seamless with no need for stitching and held tight by a secure popper. Choose from fuchsia pink, mint green, tan brown, black, lilac, orange or leopard print leather, and personalized with your initials or your dog’s name in gold foil.

These also make great gift ideas for your pet sitter or dog walker who do a LOT of poo picking up. Not a bad price at $37.66 each.


Truth About Pet CBD by Dara Foster

It’s Fourth of July weekend and America is opening back up! As we’re in the Roaring 20’s this holiday weekend more backyard bangs and booms are expected this year. Calming your dog’s nerves to help with separation anxiety induced by going back to work, or firework noise, is likely on your mind. What about pet CBD?

If you are like most pet owners, you’ve heard the buzz about Pet CBD and all of it’s claims and wondered to yourself “which products actually work?”.  I personally have held off on endorsing any CBD brands due to the difficulty of cutting through the clutter and verifying which brands are better than others, as well as little research and product quality testing oversight. (All of the links in this article are for editorial content and no paid or affiliate endorsements.)

Most pet CBD brands will publish 3rd party lab testing results showing the amount of CBD vs THC levels in its products but those labs are funded by the CBD brands to conduct the testing. The argument can be made that because the labs are paid directly by the hemp companies, they are not really all that independent.

Then, to complicate things further there are thousands of little white label brands popping up every week. The investment needed to white label and start your own pet CBD brand has a low entry point so almost anyone can start a CBD brand. These little brands do not have the experience or science behind them to recommend dosing.

So what’s a pet owner to do? I’ve been asked this hundreds of times in the past couple of years and there is not one short answer. Below is a thoughtful list I created of 5 steps to selecting a pet CBD brand.

5 tips for selecting pet CBD 

  1. Research The Company Before You Buy- Look at the overall company who is making the pet CBD product. Is this a new business you’ve never heard of or a trusted, established business based on science? Given the lack of oversight be careful and really dig into the brand. Reading the FDA regulations is helpful.
  2. Find Out Who Grew The Crops-High Falls Hemp is very transparent and named their brand from the town Upstate NY where the hemp is farmed. The CEO is hands on and involved closely in quality control. They make is very easy to find and read their lab reports. CBD veteran Charlott’s Web makes is a little harder requiring you to enter a “lot number” from a bottle you purchased.
  3. Beware of Licensing- If it’s a licensed brand like Martha Stewart’s new pet CBD brand check out who is actually manufacturing the product. Martha has a partnership with the publicly traded Canadian Cannabis company Canopy Growth and Snoop Dog which is more credible than a licensing deal with a company that doesn’t specialize in Hemp.
  4. Look for clinical research-Cornell University College of Veterinary Sciences conducted an 8 month double blind study on benefits of CBD in dogs in conjunction with ElleVet Sciences to determine proper and safe CBD dosages for dogs.
  5. Ask friends- Speak to friends and and read social media review threads for honest feedback. Reviews on the on company websites are not as credible.


Demand For Dog, Cat & Bird Clothes Surges 200% Since Pandemic

Americans are serious about pets!
According to a recent survey by the American Pet Products Association, approximately 67% of U.S. households own at least one pet—that’s 84.9 million homes!

The number of pet-owning Americans has been steadily increasing over the years. In 1988, the first year the same survey was conducted, 56% of U.S. households owned a pet. Of course, the more pet owners there are, the more demand there is for pet supplies and style. According to a new data analysis from Pattern.

  • Consumer demand for pet food on Amazon skyrocketed 128% during the onset of the pandemic, compared to the average the rest of the year. It’s unlikely a spike like this will occur again, unless the nation experiences another widespread pandemic shut down.
  • Demand for pet clothes/costumes spiked 340% ahead of Halloween. We expect to see a similar spike in demand this year ahead of Halloween.
  • Demand for pet toys was up 40% overall during the holiday season and up 96% two weeks before Christmas. We expect to see a similar spike in demand this year during the holiday season.

Pattern  also did a deep dive into the online sales of pet clothing (rejoice PupStylers!) for dogs, cats and yes, birds! Bird clothing is quickly catching on in market places like Etsy. You can find a community of bird fashion designers selling everything from hats and hoodies for your “Swat Team”  attack bird to prosthetic little human arms so your Parrot can duke it out with the cat. Wanna place bets on the winner?

Bird Arms Large image 0

Oddly enough the study didn’t show any data on rodent fashion for Guinea Pigs or rats which Petsmart caters to during Halloween season but this study only focused on shopping with Amazon.

New York fashionistas splurge on designer outfits...for their pet rodents | Daily Mail Online

When is market demand highest for pet clothes?

To find out the answers to these questions, their data science team analyzed market demand for pet supplies on Amazon for 2019 and 2020. Amazon is a pretty good way to gauge over all market demand.

The clear winner here is Halloween, where demand surges by 200% to over 370% between the weeks of September 27th through October 25th. That’s a lot of pet Halloween costumes! Christmas appears to drive a slight increase in demand, and there’s a slight uptick in late February (before a steep pandemic-driven decline), but everything pales in comparison to Halloween.

When it comes to demand for pet Halloween costumes, dogs once again completely outrank the other pets they examined. Things are a lot closer during the rest of the year, though, with cat clothing actually outranking dog clothing during the week of February 23rd.  Watch out doggies, Ninja cats are coming to get ya!

Here’s how demand changed throughout the year:

Demand for dog clothing spikes at +472% vs average during the week of October 18th, outpacing cat and bird clothing’s still-impressive increases of 380% and 377%, respectively.  Start shopping early this year!



NEW “My dog is quietly judging you” Cropped Hoodie

Check out our newest edition to the My dog is quietly judging you” dog walker collection!

Perfect for transitioning into Spring adding just the right amount of warmth to your AM and PM dog walks.

It’s not just a super stylish crop-top hoodie, it is also super comfy due to being made from soft three-end fleece with ultra tight-knit construction. It’s that tight-knitting that makes printed surfaces really stand out.

$45 Made in the USA.

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