37,000 People Vote to Pick Handicapped Dog Models for Calendar

The Handicapped Pets Foundation is and amazing organization dedicated to extending the life of Handicapped Pets by helping them move; getting the exercise they need to live long, happy, healthy lives!

Coke (Michael Baines) recently ran a dog model calendar contest with over 37,000 votes! I bet you didn’t know there were so many active special need pet parents out there did ya? We are overjoyed that special needs pets are finally getting the attention they deserve and are being rescued in higher number than ever before.

Hayden (Tracey Fowler)

This touches a special place in our hearts at PupStyle because PupStyle Sticker Book model “Oscar Madison” and is sister  “Tiki” are winners! CONGRATULATIONS OSCAR!!!

Oscar (Rich Van Banschoten)

Oscar was a death row doggie and saved just in the neck of time. He went from death row to poster dog for wheelchair dogs gaining nationwide attention and fame! Check out his story here on by his mana, C. Merry Ceres.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.29.23 AM

You can sign up to pre-order the beautiful 2016 calendar today which will begin shipping soon! These make a great holiday gifts! Who doesn’t need a new calendar each year anyway?


Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.29.38 AM

Oscar’s parents created a very heartwarming  behind the scenes video of my Sticker Book photo shoot with Oscar. This little guy is so special and faster than a Greyhound on wheels! It was a fun challenge to style him and keep the breaks on so the little dude wouldn’t go flying off the set.

If  you would like to order the PupStyle Sticker Book featuring the inspiring “Oscar Madison” as “Astro Rocket Dog” click here at

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.40.31 AM

I hope this calendar and story about Oscar will inspire you to help spread the word about how handicapped dog can live fabulous, fulfilling lives! Next time you are thinking about adopting a rescue pet, consider earning your angel wings by giving hope and a bright future to a special need pet.

Lulis (Jhan Lampkin)

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PupStyle Red Carpet Pups by Dara Foster Makes Great Summer Reading For Kids!

Looking for a summer distraction for the kids in your life?

As a follow up to the successful Now You See It! Pupstyle, and Now You See it! PupStyle: Trick or Treat, Dara Foster’s pups are back and dressed to impress in famous celebrity styles!

Flip the pages from the top corner to see stars in red-carpet outfits and flip the pages from the bottom to see adorable dogs in the same recognizable get-ups. From Lady Gaga’s crazy hats, Katy Perry’s neon hair, Justin Beiber’s purple shades, Angelina Jolie’s gorgeous gowns, and Zac Efron’s sharp suits, these dogs will garner even more attention than their celeb counterparts. Text will be simple and used to caption the images


                                            Now You See It! Pupstyle Red Carpet Pups




Dara’s Third Scholastic Book Arrives! Order now on $5.99

Pup Style Red Carpet

No words can describe the feeling of holding a book you created for the first time.  It’s on sale nationwide just in time for Red Carpet Season!

This book is LOADED with 15 celebs and 15 celebri-dogs styled to look like the hottest celebs. I pulled out all the stops and called on the best designers in the business to custom design red carpet replica dresses and suites, wigs, shoes and accessories. Available nationwide and on Amazon for $5.99

PupStyle Now You See It!

Now You See It! PupStyle by Dara Foster published by Scholastic Books. A perfect holiday gift for the dog loving child in your life. A magical and colorful flip book filled with adorably “PupStyled” dogs and fun facts. The magic of this book is when you flip the pages from the top right corner you see the pups naked but when you flip on the bottom left corner you see them all dressed up! (you have to see it to believe it!) Perfect for ages 4 and up. We have even heard from special needs educators using PupStyle:Now You See It! with children on the autism scale as the cute photos of dogs before and after help these kids open up and identify differences while having fun!


DOGS GODS book by Tim Flach

Can dogs be sexy? Photographer Tim Flach certainly thinks so. His latest book Dogs showcases his unbelievable ability to capture the beauty of dogs. Tim’s previous book Equus offered a similarly beautiful study of horses. Now he turns his lens towards dogs and the results are equally breath taking. If you visit Tim’s personal website you can see some of his unique shooting technique (what looks like shooting the dogs from under a sheet of plexiglass). The book was originally published by New Zealand art book house PQ Blackwell under the name Dogs Gods but for some reason the US version has been shortened to simply Dogs (it is unknown whether this was due to puritanical US mores or the book designer cat mafia putting in it’s 2¢). In any case this book is ridiculously beautiful and available at Amazon.

I Has a Hot Dog Has book!

From the same masterminds who brought us the kitty-dominated I Can Has Cheesburger? comes the doggie equivalent I Has a Hot Dog! – and now they’ve hit the bookshelves with an eponymous compendium of diacritical photo & word mixed media works (aka cute puppys ‘n funny stuff). While this edition will surely have many older generations scratching their heads as to why these ramblings of morons written on puppy pictures are so popular. Continue reading

Pretty Pet Friendly by Julia Szabo

Keeping your house pretty with pets can be tough but this book will guide you. When we first received Julia Szabo‘s new book we were excited after meeting up with her at the Apt. Therapy Pet Design Symposium – she is a very smart and incredibly well-informed pet lifestyle expert. And it doesn’t hurt that our very own Team PupStyle co-captain, Flo is featured on page 62! But this book had lots of words and B&W photos! Huh?!?!
Flo from Team PupStyle feat in Julia Szabo's book Pretty Pet Friendly

After receiving hundreds of pet-style books that were nothing more than a compilation of slick photos of dogs reclining in apartments we could never afford – we were kinda taken aback. But then we actually read the book and were pleasantly surprised. Don’t let the title fool you Pretty Pet-Friendly is way more than simple eye candy! This book is chock full of tips and guidance on how to live a stylish life at home while taking your pet’s needs into account.

This book should be required reading for new pet owners who hope to balance their current lifestyle with the challenges having a pet can present. From a simple recipe for skunk-wash (save the tomato juice for Bloody Marys!) to eco-friendly choices that benefit you and your pet, this book is a trove of sage advice for living with pets.

You can read more about Julia Szabo and purchase the book from

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