Isaac Mizrahi sends Poodles down the runway!

Isaac Mizrahi’s runway show for his fall 2011 collection featured candy-colored dyed poodles as the “it” accessory for models to carry down the catwalk. The poodles were fully dyed Bubblegum Pink, Vivid Lavender and Tangerine Orange to match the colorful pallette of Mizrahi’s fashion line. NOWNESS has a feature of Isaac Mizrahi show available here.

In addition to featuring some great shots from the show NOWNESS is also putting together a vote for your favorite pampered pet contest. NOWNESS is the online content brand for Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton.
You can enter your fashionable pooch here.
or simply vote for the best!


Kinkajou bites heiress; cure for rabies found!

The Hotel heiress spent the night in the hospital after being bitten by her pet Kinkajou. Hilton made headlines late last year when she originally imported the dangerous and illegal South American marsupial and insisted on keeping it as a pet. Since then she has been seen about town with her ubiquitous chihuahua “Tinkerbell” and “Baby Luv” the kinkajou. In a prelude to a photo shoot for her upcoming album release, Hilton and the kinkajou were playing on the floor when the animal became excited and clamped down on her left arm. Paris was admitted to a Los Angeles area hospital and treated with a Tetanus shot for fear of disease from the beast’s dirty maw. “Baby Luv” is undergoing periodic de-lousing as well as an ongoing hour-by-hour STD watch which is still in effect.


Cindy Adams LOVES Jazzy Jr. long time!

No REALLY she LOVES Jazzy Jr.! Can you maybe love him a little bit less? Please?. Cindy Adams (AARP Gossipist for Page Six) was spotted on the couch at The View (March 16, 2006) blabbing with Babs and the girls about her dog clothing line “Jazzy Couture“. While hawking her doggie duds Cindy insisted on viciously making out with her miniature Yorkie, Jazzy Jr. and exposing the daytime audience to more tongue than Gene Simmons’ dentist. Cindy’s constant refrain of “I have no one else in my life” over and over again was stemmed as Barbara pointed out that she has many friends and a great career. But alas poor Cindy exclaimed “these are my life! They are all that I have!” and began sucking on her dog’s face like it was the antidote. Ms. Adams’ obviously has some very deep feelings for dogs, as is evident by her outstanding service with the ASPCA and other dog rescue groups. But these feelings run a bit too deep when on-air intra-species PDA gets The View a TV-MA rating at 10 in the morning.


Moby the dog-napper

Moby “saves” an abandoned dog – problem is the dog’s owner was just feet away grabbing a donut. Downtown NYC whiner and diner, Moby is presumed to have kidnapped a dog and publicly shamed the dog’s parents in the process. After finding a dog leashed in the street, the Vegan Avenger slacked into action, crudely dashing off a handwritten judgement with his finest soy-based crayon and then took the abandoned beast back to his LES tea shack TEANY for a wheatgrass coolata & some soothing techno poetry. Strike one for the good guys as Moby has metered out some “street justice” in his own inimitable style.


Mick Jagger mauls and kills local sheep in Ibiza

Sick Mick goes on a bloodthirsty rampage on the Balearic Islands. Being cooped up in a luxury party destination, such as the coastal Spanish island of Ibiza can drive you to kill in cold blood. And that is exactly what happened when Jade Jagger left her rustic farm villa to go out to the island’s famous club scene, and left Mick at the house unattended. Later that night Mick snuck out under the cover of darkness to the neighboring farm lands, cornered and then killed two sheep with his bare teeth. Jade settled with the farmers over their loss and promised to keep Mick chained up for the remainder of her visit. Her father, the dog’s namesake, was unavailable for comment.


NYC Rapper DMX’s street tough dog wear line

Get at me dog. Boomer 129 named after hardcore rapper DMX’s late pitbull Boomer (who he commemorated permanently on his back) is a new”exclusive urban dogwear” line replete with leather bomber jackets, bubble down coats, throwback jerseys and more for that street hardened dog in your hood. The only problem is the lingering 13 counts of animal cruelty against Mr. DMX. and with his recent drug addled attempted car-jacking at New York’s JFK airport. All this adds up to an uphill battle for Boomer 129 and the rightful question posed by it’s spokesperson “Where ARE my dogs at?”


Puff Daddy rolling with pretty bitches

Earlier this week, P. Diddy made an appearance at the hotly tipped Zac Posen show in the Olympus Fashion Week tents at Bryant Park. Though embroiled in a litany of child support and paternity cases, his Diddy-ness felt confident enough to walk in with a new white girl on his arm. The white girl in question turned out to be Sophie, an 8 month old white Maltese dressed to match her date in a white blazer embroidered with a Sean John crest and a crisp linen shirt. The white fluffy dog served as a perfect counter balance to the black one Puffy has attached to his head.

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