Vegan Hair Color For Your Dog by Warren London

Halloween will be here before you know it and you can’t forget to include the family dog in the fun!!!!

Warren London has just launched a line of all natural, safe, vegan hair color you can put on your dog any time of year  OR accent his Halloween costume.


Make a green Mohawk on your Maltese, a pink tail on your poodle and let your imagination run wild. It’s a ideal and safe alternative to dressing up your pooch if he’s not a fan of costumes. You can experiment with a rainbow of colors for $14.95.


Dara Foster’s stylish Valentine’s Day Gifts 2012 on NJ 12

Pet style expert Dara Foster appeared on New Jersey 12 this weekend with a haul of great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the other love of your life – your dog! Check out below for a full list of the featured products with prices and links to purchase.

Bubba Roses Biscuit Company Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook $14.95
You’ve Got Heart Organic Dog Cookies by Bubba Rose’s Biscuit Company $9.99
available from

Pink Winter Dog Coat by Cynthia Rowley $24.99
available at TJ Maxx Nationwide

Puppy Locks Dog Clip-On Feather Hair Extensions $20.00
available from

Healing Jewelry For Pets Gemstone Heart Pendants For Cats And Dogs $38.00
available from

Up Country Pop Hearts Cat And Dog Collars $9.00
available from

“Puppy Love” Fragrance By Pepper & Tanky $44.00
available from

Dog Bed Duvet Cover, Pillow, & Stuff Sack By Molly Mutt $49.00
Molly Mutt Organic Dog Bed Freshener Spray $12.00
available from

Freezy Pups Kit-Make Yourself Frozen Dog Treats – $19.99
available from


PuppyLocks Feather Hair Extensions for dogs

Pet fashion always follows human fashion trends and the super HOT feather hair extension trend sweeping across America is no exception! First it was “Mommy and Me” clothes, then shoes, followed by jewelry and nail polish and now feather hair accessories.

Puppy Locks offers a rainbow of high-quality feathers to choose from and also offers a cool holiday gift set that comes with feathers, instructions, tools and a matching FeatherLocks clip. The FeatherLocks clip attaches like a barrette, so you can easily clip it onto a wiggly dog’s hair. Check the photo below as our dog, Mr. Jenkins rocks the FeatherLocks clip. It’s a really fun way to add a dash of pet fashion for the holidays and is guaranteed to make for GREAT puppy photos! The holiday gift set sells for $30 and can be purchased directly from


Spa grade mud puppies!

London based pet salon The Yuppy Puppy has recently introduced a new service for their pampered clientelle – Mud wraps! Generally mud + dogs is a lot of fun but not considered a “spa therapy”. The Yuppy Puppy has secured Avaha’s highest grade mineral clay for these fine canines. The clay is harvested from the banks of the Dead Sea and is scientifically proven to be essential in maintaining healthy hair, skin and most importantly, joints. The Dead Sea clay has the highest concentration of bromide, magnesium, calcium, silica, sodium, and potassium of any natural body of salt water and mud in the world.

The “Avaha Spa Treatment” starts with you dog being covered in mineral clay. The clay is worked into the hair and down to the skin to impart all of the mineral benefits.

The dog is then loosely wrapped in heat foil to warm the mud and keep them comfy. Your pooch relaxes for 45 minutes as the mud does it’s magic. Unfortunately the spa doesn’t offer magazines or champagne to pass the time while your pup marinates. Afterwards they gently rinse your pet’s coat and skin until all of the clay has been removed and finish with a fluff dry. Most of the Yuppy Puppy clients take a much needed nap at this point in the treatment.

The Avaha Mud Wrap Treament costs $100 USD (60 GBP) and is only available at the Yuppy Puppy in London.


Beat the heat with stylish dog hair gel

During the summer it’s so hot, and not always the best idea to dress up your dog in clothes unless it’s cooling vest or a lightweight accessory. I am always on the hunt for fun, safe & creative ways to play with dog fashion without overheating my pooch.

One fun solution is to experiment with dog hair gel! Let your dog channel his or her inner rock-star with a cute pointy faux-hawk. Smoosh a dab of Clear Hair Gel in your hands and then sculpt your pup’s hair. Your dog will be fist pumping at the Jersey Shore in no time!

Or let your inner hair colorist loose with some Top Performance Hair Dye Gel! NOTE a little goes a long way – dab some color on the ears and tail et Voila you have a four-legged masterpiece!

Top Performance the makers of this product say it safe to use on dog and cats over 12 weeks old (yes I said the “c” word). The hair gels are completely NON TOXIC and CTFA approved.

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