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Dog Leotards- Laugh or Cry? Product Review of Shed Defender

Doggie DON’T!

I’ve been reviewing dog products and dog fashion at PupStyle for over 16 years and just when I think I’ve seen it all, a new idea creeps up that has me wondering if I should laugh, cry or rejoice? Yes, I’ve styled a pug to look like Olivia Newton on Wendy Willams for a dog fashion show, but this new dog Onesie by  Shed Defender – Putting Dog Hair in its Place – Red – XS takes “Lets Get Physical” to a new level.

This one-piece dog suite was designed to protect your home and car from unwanted dog shedding but the founder, Tyson Walters  also found it useful for protecting surgical site wounds and claims it might be able to replace the cone of shame. The company also markets this for reducing anxiety and protecting your dogs coat from dirt and wet sand at the beach for example.

Shed defender product review

In theory this seems like a handy idea, but after putting the product to the test on my 9th month old puppy Norman, I see it as more of a torture device. The cut and colors of the suit are stylish and would look cute styled with a hoodie, for an “active wear look” but my PupStyler became very anxious and started biting and pulling on the legs to get it off.  Norman is very mellow and usually lets me dress him up in anything but he was angry at the Shed Defender!

Norman is also ultra fluffy and I found it impossible to zip up the suite without getting his hair stuck in the zipper. I also had to be VERY careful not to zip up his “jewels” in the process because it’s designed to cover literally everything under the belly. In order for the dog to pee, you must unzip it or else you get a leotard loaded with pee and poo.

Product review of the Shed Defender

Dog onesies are not anything new in pet fashion but the most successful designs leave an opening for the dog to do it’s business and avoid zippers at all cost on the underbelly. Velcro or buttons  would be a safer design option to consider. I can’t say all dogs will react like Norman and some may actually like it but to test it out you will have to drop $39.00. You be the judge.


Radio Shack is SO WRONG!

This season’s holiday TV ad barrage had a little “pet fashion” wrinkle in the mix that caught our eye. Radio Shack latest round of ads feature things that are SO WRONG as opposed to shopping with Radio Shack. But one of their ads starts with this completely adorbs Pomeranian dressed in a pretty snazzy green elf outfit and then flashes “SO WRONG” across the screen?!?! Huh? What?

Not quite Boycott-worthy but come on Radio Shack! If you want to check out things that are SO WRONG please check out PupStyle’s Doggie Don’ts.


Dastardly Dog Purse does permanant damage to your dogs pysche

Dogs are not fannyPack animals. This doggie embarrasment disguised as a “PuppyPurse” by Mardiwoof is more likely to get you arrested by the ASPCA than earn you stripes on your fashionista lapel. This dog carrier is perfect if you’re in a pinch for a redneck prom corsage or hankering for really bad Easter hat. If the looks weren’t atrocious enough, the straps adjust so that you can wear your dog as a fanny pack for hands free abuse. If you actually want your dog to get some exercise, the shoulder strap detaches at one end to become a leash for a “march of shame” past the snickers and jeers of your more fashionable peers.

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