Quick-draw Treat Gunner from Frolick SnackShotz

There’s a new Treat Slinger in town. Now your 3.2 lbs of Pup fury can be a true gun dog! And no need for mucking through yucky swamps or dodging vice-presidential pot-shots! This Frolick SnackShotz Treat Gun shoots disc shaped doggie treats up to 12 feet for days of mindless fun for the couch potato owner and treat motivated canine. Give your trigger finger a full workout while rewarding your pooch with chicken, beef or minty Disco biscuits that’ll help clean their teeth and freshen that breath. This Wafer Weapon only works with their Discos brand treat bullets (though you could try jamming in some Alka-seltzer!). The Treat Launcher will cost you $21.00 and a bag of Discos refills will run you $3.99 a bag. Please show some restraint and avoid the temptation to nail the cat with this.

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