Puff Daddy rolling with pretty bitches

Earlier this week, P. Diddy made an appearance at the hotly tipped Zac Posen show in the Olympus Fashion Week tents at Bryant Park. Though embroiled in a litany of child support and paternity cases, his Diddy-ness felt confident enough to walk in with a new white girl on his arm. The white girl in question turned out to be Sophie, an 8 month old white Maltese dressed to match her date in a white blazer embroidered with a Sean John crest and a crisp linen shirt. The white fluffy dog served as a perfect counter balance to the black one Puffy has attached to his head.


Wagwear 2005 Collection Sneak Peek!

Sneak Peek at the upcoming 2005 WagWear collection Dog fashion super label Wagwear has lead the way for other labels to follow producing stylish collars and leashes, fashionable & functional dog coats and even tee pee hound lounges for the pooch on-the-go. Their upcoming 2005 collection offers some colorful twists on their massively popular designs. Check out their latest 100% merino wool Rollneck Sweater available in Citrus Green (shown), Mandarin Orange & Navy Blue. Also the hyper-cute & functional Dog Tote Bag gets updated with some hot new fall colors. And they are rolling out new color combos (navy&orange) for their excellent all-weather reflective raincoat.


BMW the ultimate dog driving machine

Luxury Car Dog Safety Belts As you accelerate through the corners in your BMW nothing is more dangerous for you than a loose dog clammoring to get on your lap. And as described by the BMW press release about this new dog safety belt system, an unrestrained dog would “shoot out like a missle” in the event of a car crash. Poor choice of press release wording aside, this leather harness is sure to become a doggie badge of oppulence. The system is slated to be released in Japan for 21,000 yen on November 5th with further worldwide rollout expected soon thereafter. Source: Gizmodo


Hot dog purse from Petote

The Metro dog carrier by Petote is the perfect gift for the fashionista in your life. This bag is sophisticated, sexy and down-right beautiful. Made with tasteful fabrics, trimmed with designer Italian leather and gold plated hardware, it’s the perfect repose for your pup on the go while Mommy’s on a bit of a spree in the shoe department at Barney’s. It’s even designed to accomodate a two doggie play date!


The Magis – Designer dog house from the UK

La casa del cane – The Magis Dog House is another excellent entry into the field of designer dog domiciles. British modern designer Michael Young has rethought the concept of dog housing from the ground up. By raising the house on stands, the underside provides a shady area for mid-day napping, the extended roof keeps rainstorms at bay, and the step stool provides a much needed boost for puppies and small dogs. And for a perfectly effete touch, above the house entrance hangs an etched brass sign reading “AMICUS FIDELIS PROTECTIO FORTIS” (faithful friend, strong protector), butch and book-ish all in one!

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