Kate Spade Spayed her dog line!

Don’t call that Spade a Spayed! In response to outrage fostered by the postings on this site, Kate Spade has finally come around and is now offering a fine bag for toting toto. Known for her simple style and grace, Kate teams up with cartoonist Maira Kalman to create this simple yet sassy canvas dog carrier (no longer available – bitch!).


6 responses on “Kate Spade Spayed her dog line!

  1. ginger

    I am pure Kate Spade, so when I got my dog a year ago, I bought a Kate Spade canvas baby bag to use as my dog carrier. I was looking for a new dog carrier because the canvas does not clean up very well. I came across Kate Spade coming out with the Maira Kalman bag, but was truly disappointed. It has no character; it is just a box. And it looks like it is made of canvas. I guess I will be getting the nylon stevie baby bag for her next dog carrier.

  2. jon

    yeah I share your unwhelm-ment!
    I can’t believe Kate Spade would be so lame with dog products? Her handbags are so cute but then to offer what basically amounts to a canvas Sherpa Bag ?!?! come on Kate!

    ive heard unconfirmed rumors that Tory Burch will be entering the pet product marketplace soon – so maybe there is still hope for cute carriers?

    thanks for your comments!

  3. Kathleen Jones

    Waiting for her to come out with dog food storage bins! Do you think she will?

  4. dara Post author

    I wish…she seems really slow to expand her pet line but I would love to see what she would design too. Love Kate Spade!

  5. Diana diaz

    I have a like new authentic Maira Kalman Kate Spade dog carrier that I bought years ago for my sweet miniature Maltese. I would like to sell it, but most re-sell and consignment places will not take dog accessories. Can you think of any other site where I might post it for sale?

    Also have an Authentic XS Nova Check Burberry collar.

  6. heidi

    Kate Spade sold her company back in ’07, so it’s not SHE any longer, but THEY. She now has Frances Valentine, a great new(ish) line of bags, shoes and accessories. No pet carriers at this time, though.

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