Springey Spring Leash from Targét

Target offers a cute retractable leash! OMFG! Retractable leash makers are finally catching a whiff of the high design trend; you might sell a lot more of these indespensible leashes if they coordinate with Mommy’s spring flip-flops. It’s one of the last areas in the pet market to stop taking itself so seriously and add a little sass to their designs. Target.com is offering a painted, retractable leash with a colorful “Spring” motif and a glossy enamel finish. Since you will be one of the first on your block to rock a retractable leash that doesn’t look like it came from the dollar store, be prepared for the upper east side doginistas to sweat you in full force. The best part is while it’s high on design it’s easy on your wallet too, clocking in at only $34.99!


Tinkerbell dead on a stick handbag

After a rousing end-of-year trifecta of animal mis-treatment (swapping her dog for a newer smaller model, trading in that dog for a rare rainforest creature, and being unanimously voted in as the worst pet owner of 2005), Paris Hilton’s infamous care of her Chihuahua Tinkerbell has rippled through the fashion industry and resulted in this ‘Ode a Produit’. Wisconsin Designer James Piatt has created a handbag inspired by Tinkerbell’s corpse. Made of leather combined with solid lucite, now you can dispose of your dog at the whims of fashion seasons just like Paris Hilton!

WARNING: Only the truly icy-cool PupStylist can pull-off carrying their Chihuahua in this purse without getting a full force PETA beatdown.


Canini super cute Moto collar and leash line

Give your own Cujo a pinch of extra Mojo by complimenting his good looks with the Moto dog collar & leash by Canini.
Perfect for the metropolitan dog and owner, this leather beauty will spark up conversation everywhere you go. The grassy green, perforated leather is eye catching and the reflective piping around the edges will keep rover safe while accompaning you on your late night deli runs . The metal hardware is their own signature design and keeps the collar & leash looking fresh and very modern. Also available in white (we wouldn’t recommend wearing past Labor Day or in the muddy hinterlands of the country) and in a variety of sizes. Prices are very reasonable for such a well thought out design and vary slightly depending on the neck size of the collar you order ( $38-45), matching leashes are 50″ ($60).


Super cool wooden dog bed from Holden Designs

A bed worthy of a God! If there were ever a design god in the dog furniture world, Jon Wesley Rahman, founder of Holden Designs, Inc. would be that deity. An architect and furniture designer by trade, he feels the same way we do about designing dog products that are pleasing for both pooch’s and people’s perspectives. This slice of tastiness is a work of art disguised as a dog bed. Made from bent plywood with a Walnut veneer it is ideal for small to medium size dogs. The only down side is that it does not come with a cushion. Their web site states that they offer a Cornflower Blue cushion, but we can’t seem to find it. Don’t sweat it, because it works oh so well with an IKEA sheep skin happy pad (not included but available at IKEA stores for around $20). Thanks to Holden Designs, we can all finally burn our dingy old dog beds and blankets and renew our dog’s sleeping quarters! The bed measures 27.25″ x 22″ W x 11″ H. Available from designpublic.com for $250


Shearling dog coats from Bailey and Wags

A Dog in Sheep’s Clothing dishing out Santa Fe styles for miles. Does your pooch have a penchant for Georgia O’keefe and Turquoise jewlery? Well then this is the perfect outfit for expressing their Southwestern style. A gorgeous hand-made, shearling dog coat with short-pile sheep skin for added comfort. The coat is made entirely by hand with meticulous attention paid to the red or blue yarn stitching and crocheted pompoms. It’s warm enough to wear to your Taos ski lodge and stylish enough to feel at home at navigating the sidewalks at Sundance. The exterior is treated with suede protective spray to keep water stains away. It’s available at www.baileyandwags.com and is sure to please even the most jaded pet snobs. $120


Moby the dog-napper

Moby “saves” an abandoned dog – problem is the dog’s owner was just feet away grabbing a donut. Downtown NYC whiner and diner, Moby is presumed to have kidnapped a dog and publicly shamed the dog’s parents in the process. After finding a dog leashed in the street, the Vegan Avenger slacked into action, crudely dashing off a handwritten judgement with his finest soy-based crayon and then took the abandoned beast back to his LES tea shack TEANY for a wheatgrass coolata & some soothing techno poetry. Strike one for the good guys as Moby has metered out some “street justice” in his own inimitable style.


Reversible playful print sweater from G.W.Little

You won’t lose sight of your microscopic Chihuahua in this very hip, down-town reversible daisy sweater available exclusively through G. W. Little. This little number does double duty; festooned with aqua flowers on a cocoa background to match every other trendy Brown object you own or if you’re feeling a little bit “Gidget-ish”, hang ten with the Moondoggie brown flowers on the “Surf’s up” aquamarine background. This sweater even comes equiped with a little fold down collar (all the playa pups keep that collar popped & locked!). We’re not sure what kind of fiber it’s made from, but it’s mad cool and if lil’ Chico gets a bit grimey at the dog run, you can simply reverse it and rock it like it’s fresh from the cleaners. They also offer matching hats and scarves for the dog owner, but we were completely turned off by the low budget models with chipped nail polish (eeek!).

The Reversible Spots and Dots sweater is $70.


Your Dog’s Fashion Sense

These days, there are literally hundreds of high-end dog product companies on the market to choose from. Selecting the right clothes and collar & leash sets can be overwhelming. Just like us, dogs know when they look good. A well outfitted pooch will bounce around with pride if given the right gear. There are 4 major themes to consider before you drop the big bucks on your doggie wardrobe.

Before you buy any clothes or collar & leashes sets, first think about the environment you live in and the origins of your dog breed. If your dog is a Chihuahua, (originating in the hot climate of Mexico) and you live in a cold climate like Vermont, your dog will need a few tightly knit, warm sweaters and a coats just to feel comfortable in the fall and winter. Whereas if your Chihuahua lives in Miami year round, sweaters are overkill (kinda like Uggs in LA) and cute T-shirts and crop tops will do just fine. At the other end of the doggie spectrum an Alaskan Malamute that lives in Arizona would do best to skip clothes entirely and invest in good shave job or a dog pool instead.

Also consider whether or not your dog is a city or country dog. If you have a Lab and live in the country, you wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a leather dog collar that is going to get trashed the moment he plunges into a lake. It makes sense for you to only buy sturdy, sporty water resistant collars and skip the finery of cashmere sweaters all together. More and more dog fashion designers like Wagwear.com are offering sporty coats for larger country dogs that won’t get ruined when you go hiking in the woods.

If you live in New York City and carry a Yorkie around, definitely seek out the sassiest dog bag and hand-made, leather collar & leash sets you can find; as your dog’s rep is on the line. Think about investing in some Alpaca sweaters for winter and dog bag that works with your own personal style and wardrobe as well. If you cruise SoHo in pink high heels, find a collar and leash that work with that without going over board. Avoid biting the Legally Blonde, Elle Woods look or you’re likely to get mocked and your dog will be shunned at the run. Don’t forget, if your dog turns heads, people will notice YOU too!

It’s reckless to choose accessories for your dog without factoring in fur color. What season is your dog?? Fall, Spring, Summer or Winter? You will want to choose colors that enhance your dogs natural good looks. Oranges look amazing against beige and grey fur colors and blues complement red coloring quite well. Keep a swatch of your dog’s fur with you at all times (just kidding – sort of).

Is your dog pear shaped like a Pug? Or short and round all over like a Basset Hound? Or skinny, sleek and slender like an Italian Greyhound? If your baby is pear shaped, avoid V-necks because they will only enhance the uneven body shape. Think turtle and crew neck lines. If your dog is a little on the short and round side, stay away from horizontal stripes and busy patterns, they will only make him look sloppy (sometimes a little dash of Rambo Camo can go a long way). If you have a thin, slender dog avoid overpowering your dog with a sweater that’s to chunky, we want to see the dog too. Almost any pattern or neck line will look great with this body type.

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