Fantastically stylish eCRATE from Brooklyn’s designGO! Studios

Now you can crate your nano-Nemo whilest fulfilling your wildest steampunk fantasies! Hands down the most innovative crate design of recent memory – this domed doggy domicile is made of precisely bent metal rods welded together. The eCRATE comes fitted with a tailored sweater (see image below) to swaddle the exo-skeleton and keep your rug-rat as snug as a bug. Designer Peter Pracilio saw a clunky, boxy and glaring gap in the marketplace – the lowly dog crate. Relegated to lame “quilted tea cozy” attempts to beautify their boxy exterior – crates had always been a “back of the dog boutique” kind of item. But with Pracilio’s reinvention of it’s form – front window display here we come! (Move aside dog tent there’s a trendy new dome home in town). Check out this video of the whole design process from drawing board to proto-beast cage (with fresh electro beats!). Not available for sale yet but we will announce it here when its available online. (Sign up for the updates to the left or grab the RSS feed so you can be notified when it is available)

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