PupStyle.com’s media mavens Dara Foster & Flo on ABCNews

With the recent dog food scare people have been freaking out and rightfully so! ABCNews.com had a special segment of Q&A with a Dog Food expert and our own Dara Foster & Flo stepped up to the mike with their own question. “How can we find out our dog food’s country of origin?” The expert answered that while the food is manufactured in the US or Canada the raw ingredients came from toxic sources in China and there is no oversight on these ingredients. Oh-kay so it looks like it is back on the Pork Rinds & Slim Fast diet for you Flo. But did you notice the ABCNews host follows up Dara’s questions with “Luke really liked that video..” Wait a minute who’s Luke (the host or the dog)?!?! You decide… watch the video here * Shout out to Kathy in California for getting them to say “BARF diet” on-air repeatedly.


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