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Happily Ever After Chair/Dog House

This is a very interesting looking piece of furniture – What is it? The Happily Ever After Chair was designed by Kim Hyun Joo as a way to blend a dog house and a chair into one piece that let’s both coexist in a small space. Made of cast resin with a fabric seat cushion this looks like a great way to pal around with your pooch during lazy weekends. The design was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award in 2008. For more information see the designer’s site – Kim Hyun Joo.


The latest lap-dog lounger from The Pet Project

Another slice of designer minimalism from the minds behind such tasty dog lodges as Eddie’s Room. We met up with The Pet Project‘s lead designer Lene Nendel (pictured below in a super fresh tee with a gun toting Maltesse) at NYC ICFF. This Fall 07 Pet Project will be rolling out the Missy’s Dreamer bed in three colorways (Smoked Acrylic/Grey (pictured), White Acrylic/Green, Chrome Acrylic/Dark Brown). Currently the Smoked/Grey color combo is available from ID Chicago for $470.

Pet Project at ICFF

Super-fresh pet n people pillows from Brooklyn’s Kept Pets

Dynamic sister duo (Elaine and Katherine) from planet Brooklyn crank out some of the hottest handmade dog beds available. With a handful of various abstract hand-screened patterns the Kept Pets pillows make a fine addition to any home. The pillows are made of a fine cotton/linen blend stuffed with extra puffy poly-fill and foam in sizes ranging from 24″x20″(fits a Pomeranian) up to 36″x30″(fits a Dalmatian or person). The multitude of designs are inspired from sketches, random marks and a ridiculous childhood couch – and the screening process involves multiple screens so there are no two designs alike. The Kept beds range from $80-$120 and are available exclusively online at the Kept Pets Etsy shop.


Fantastically stylish eCRATE from Brooklyn’s designGO! Studios

Now you can crate your nano-Nemo whilest fulfilling your wildest steampunk fantasies! Hands down the most innovative crate design of recent memory – this domed doggy domicile is made of precisely bent metal rods welded together. The eCRATE comes fitted with a tailored sweater (see image below) to swaddle the exo-skeleton and keep your rug-rat as snug as a bug. Designer Peter Pracilio saw a clunky, boxy and glaring gap in the marketplace – the lowly dog crate. Relegated to lame “quilted tea cozy” attempts to beautify their boxy exterior – crates had always been a “back of the dog boutique” kind of item. But with Pracilio’s reinvention of it’s form – front window display here we come! (Move aside dog tent there’s a trendy new dome home in town). Check out this video of the whole design process from drawing board to proto-beast cage (with fresh electro beats!). Not available for sale yet but we will announce it here when its available online. (Sign up for the updates to the left or grab the RSS feed so you can be notified when it is available)


Petiquette Greeting Cards from the Pet Set

If Muffy is more Upper East Side than down-town Meat Packing, her petiquette and manners are tantamount to her grace and style. Guarantee her “Social Register” entry when you post one of these lovely “Petiquette” cards to her friends. The Pet Set is an elegant greeting card company dedicated to promoting proper doggie “petiquette” for all occasions. All of their designs are mini works of art and are sure to impress even the most jaded play-date partner. Not to mention, they’ve just been nominated for two LOUIE International Greeting Card Association awards. A box of six 5″ x 5″ cards will set you back $21 and due to their size may require additional postage.


Yummy Ceramic dog feeders designed by Karim Rashid

In our never ending quest to be the biggest pet product snobs on the planet, we’ve found the must-have dog bowl for all you modern design junkies out there who love to name drop. Super fab, poet of plastic, Karim Rashid has finally designed the ultimate sculptural dog bowl at a freakishly low price. The Yum Bowl is ceramic and has a sleek hole in the side that serves as a handle. The bottom is non-skid, microwavable safe. This Bau-wau-haus appropriate bowl is served up in 2 sizes and can be had for $38-46 at Forthedogs and several other on-line stores.

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