Dog Collar and Leash from Paul Smith

British designers rule the pooch scene when it comes to real-world fashion label crossovers into the pet fashion marketplace. Vivienne Westwood has firmly put her foot into the pet marketplace with her lovely plaid coats and high priced entrance into Harrod’s Pet a Porter. But Paul Smith has quietly but surely been taking over the dog collar market. His signature stripes are the perfect pattern to showcase a little bit of fashionable flair on the small canvas of a dog collar.

Paul Smith’s past collar designs took the stripey fetish almost too far and ended up in some cases looking like a cheap knock off. But now with their latest offering they have taken the demure route by just offering the stripes as a trim option. This way you can tip your fashion hand to those “in the know” without having to beat them over the head with it (ala the overused LV pattern – yeah we get it!). The Paul Smith dog collar is available for $68 USD (£45) and the Paul Smith dog lead is available for $144 USD (£95) and available on the Paul Smith store.

paul smith dog collar - signature stripe pattern with metal logo tag

Paul Smith dog leash with the Paul Smith signature stripe pattern trim

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