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Dog Collar and Leash from Paul Smith

British designers rule the pooch scene when it comes to real-world fashion label crossovers into the pet fashion marketplace. Vivienne Westwood has firmly put her foot into the pet marketplace with her lovely plaid coats and high priced entrance into Harrod’s Pet a Porter. But Paul Smith has quietly but surely been taking over the dog collar market. His signature stripes are the perfect pattern to showcase a little bit of fashionable flair on the small canvas of a dog collar. Continue reading


Paul Smith Striped Lead & Collar

The famous Paul Smith colorful stripes pattern on your pooch. With a very long run in the “hot” category the famous Paul Smith multi-color stripes have shown up all over the place – from footballs to Mini Coopers. And finally the famous stripes are showing up on dog accesories. The Paul Smith Leather Lead is offered in two styles – one with perpendicular stripes and another with diagonal stripes. While the perpendicular stripes look fine on The Dog Collar – we really prefer to pair it with the diagonal striped Lead. I don’t know what it is but the length of the Straight Striped Lead gives it a Guatemalan woven belt look that is not quite the look you are going for…

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