Bowlingal dog bark translator iPhone app for Twitter

With Mattel’s recent introduction of their dog collar twitter app Puppy Tweets (check it out in action on Engadget) the twitter-verse is about to get even weirder. But really all Puppy Tweets has is 500 canned responses that are wirelessly transmitted to your computer and then posted on twitter. Meh! – twitter already has enough generic postings thank you very much!

But leave it to the Japanese to take that concept to the next level! From the folks who brought the dog bark translator Bowlingal comes this latest update an iPhone app that let’s you record your dog’s bark – translates it – and then tweets it!

Using the “ig-Noble” prize winning dog emotion translation algorithm from the original Bowlingal dog bark translator (read a test of Bowlingal on this iPhone app can record your dog’s barks and give an approximate emotional translation. Then the app let’s you post that translation directly to twitter. Bowlingal tested these waters before with a bundled dog bark translating Vodaphone back in 2003. But this is their first foray into the iPhone App marketplace. Here is the Index Corp’s press release of the Bowlingal iPhone app announcement translated from Japanese to English (we are still working on translating this into dog barks!)

Screenshot of the Bowlingal iPhone app - translating your dog's barks into Kanji tweets!
The original Bowlingal dog bark translator.

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