A tasty 100% organic cupcake tank-top made by Kee-Ka

This Spring “green-up” your dog with a 100% organic cotton, tank-top from Kee-Ka. No longer will your dog suffer dirty looks from the eco-extremist neighbors for wearing non-organic, chemically loaded clothing. Kee-ka uses only 100% organic materials and manufactures their products using only certified fair-trade cooperative of farmers in India or by minority women in Israel. This is a completely guilt free, environmentally friendly and socially conscious way to spoil your best bud. And for those sensitive types (paging Chinese Cresteds!) – the pesticide-free cotton coupled with low impact fiber dyes is great for dogs with extra sensitive skin. The Kee-Ka Organic Cotton Cupcake Tank-top is available for $20 from the eco-dog superstore PawLux.com

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