Hamish McBeth’s Spring collar colors are blooming!

The Tommy Tan collar and leash from Hammish McBeth avoids the “bling” in lieu of Spring colors paired with mod graphical styling. This collar comes with custom cast hardware and a somewhat unique D-ring placement. There has been much debate (at least in PupStyle offices) over which design is better – the “top of the neck” style D-ring or the more standard “belt-style” D-ring next to the buckle. The “top of the neck” style allows the collar to fit with the buckle resting under the chin rather than being pulled up by the leash. A subtle design nuance but a nice touch nonetheless – all of this coupled with fine leather and a great style sense make this collar and leash set a winner for the season. The Tommy Tan collar ranges from $37-$52 per size and the matching Tommy Tan leash set is available for $52 USD.

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