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A tasty 100% organic cupcake tank-top made by Kee-Ka

This Spring “green-up” your dog with a 100% organic cotton, tank-top from Kee-Ka. No longer will your dog suffer dirty looks from the eco-extremist neighbors for wearing non-organic, chemically loaded clothing. Kee-ka uses only 100% organic materials and manufactures their products using only certified fair-trade cooperative of farmers in India or by minority women in Israel. This is a completely guilt free, environmentally friendly and socially conscious way to spoil your best bud. And for those sensitive types (paging Chinese Cresteds!) – the pesticide-free cotton coupled with low impact fiber dyes is great for dogs with extra sensitive skin. The Kee-Ka Organic Cotton Cupcake Tank-top is available for $20 from the eco-dog superstore PawLux.com


Organic cotton Louis Dog squeaky toy

For your Green-conscience Dog – Don’t Panic It’s Organic! Organic cotton is not just reserved for hacky sacks in the parking lot at a Phish show, Louis Dog has introduced a whole product line of dog toys made from 100% organic cotton. It’s the must have plush toy for the chemically sensitive pup. This Organic Chewing Carrot is constructed out of cotton grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and is topped off with faux leather greenery so your quadra-ped friend won’t have to touch any nasty animal byproducts. Note, there is a squeaker inside, so be careful to remove it before there is any chance of choking.

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