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“The Wendy Williams Dog” picked as top Celeb Pet pic of 2010!

In March of 2010 Dara Foster and the PupStyle Glam Squad invaded the Wendy Williams show. The fur was flying as the camera’s went up on Dara’s Dog Fashion Show on the Wendy Williams Show. After the show Wendy and her husband were taken with how cute the dogs were – especially Dexter the poodle and Macy the Bulldog. Dara had styled both dogs specifically as “Wendy Dogs” catering to the diva-hosts love of wigs and Crinoline.

And then “lo and Behold!” Wendy and Dexter are selected as PeoplePets Best Celebrity Pet Pics of 2010!

Dexter sports the “Wendy” look
This 6 week old toy poodle was so new to the game he didn’t know what to do on the runway! But with a dash of animal prints, a doggy wig and almost a quarter million dollars worth of diamonds around his neck we can make any dog shine on the catwalk!

The pink dog wig really go the crowd going – and these wigs are handmade by Ruth Regina who is a 8th generation wig maker with over 60 years of wig making experience. The Pink Doll Face Wig ($36-$43 at wigglesdogwigs.com) is a low priced option with some high priced impact!
Pairing this with this season’s hot animal print trend The Gia Leopard print dress ($48 at funnyfur.com) is a fun affordable dress to mix and match.

And then to top it all off we had a company rep from I-LOVE-DOGS fly out from LA early yesterday morning to hand-delivery this unbelivable 15+ karat diamond and platinum dog collar ($150,000 at ilovedogs.com)! Totally over-the-top!


Backstage at Wendy Williams March 1 2010

Dara Foster showed up to the Wendy Williams show for an awesome time putting on Wendy’s first dog fashion show! The audience went nuts and Wendy was absolutely gaga over one of the models! Tune in tomorrow March 2nd 2010 for the Wendy Williams show to see the whole thing!

Find your local times on the Wendy Williams site.

Here are some shots from behind the scenes at the hottest talk show on television The Wendy Williams Show.

Wendy was super nice and the whole crew at WW were absolutely wonderful! The audience was so into it!

Say it like you mean it.. Shout it out! Woohoo….Woohoo…..Woohoo


i Love Dogs Inc. loves Dara Foster

The lovely folks over at i Love Dogs wrote up a glowing feature of our own Dara Foster. Peppered with tidbits of trivia about how Dara went from a midwestern gal with a soft spot for dogs to the world’s one and only pet style expert. This interview is nice as it doesn’t just focus on the “OMG” factor of dog fashion and actually digs a little deeper into her past and future.

i Love Dogs will be travelling to New York City to accompany the world’s most expensive dog collar ($150,000.00!) as it makes it’s televisual debut on the Wendy Williams Show! Tune in this Tuesday March 2nd to see this and more as Dara brings canine high style to the Wendy show!

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