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Bowlingal dog bark translator iPhone app for Twitter

With Mattel’s recent introduction of their dog collar twitter app Puppy Tweets (check it out in action on Engadget) the twitter-verse is about to get even weirder. But really all Puppy Tweets has is 500 canned responses that are wirelessly transmitted to your computer and then posted on twitter. Meh! – twitter already has enough generic postings thank you very much!

But leave it to the Japanese to take that concept to the next level! Continue reading


Japanese artist Nagi Noda creates incredible animal hair hats

Tokyo-native Nagi Noda has always had a spot in our “doggy conceptual art” hearts – ever since seeing the insanely surreal short film “being appraised as an Ex Fat Girl” which featured a bizarre phalanx of synchronized exercising poodles we were hooked. This past April Nagi Noda had a photo shoot at Milk Studios in NYC where she shot a collection of animal themed hair hats. Dogs were one of the central subjects seen in 4 out of the 15 pieces featured. Dogs seem to be a recurring theme in Nagi’s work and we suspect the cute lil Chihuahua seen in the shot below is hers. In addition to the photos below you can visit Nagi Noda’s site to see the whole hair hat collection.


Cool it with an Ice Cream cone shirt from Apple Dome

Lick it Up! So simple and understated – the unmistakable silhouette of an ice cream cone – this shirt will have tongues wagging. And yes you are right – Brown was the new Black last season – but it just won’t go away! The pairing of this salmon pink with the brown looks super hot on pretty much any dog. Heck we’d go so far as to rock a Mommy & Me version of this tee if it was available! But alas our “Matchy-matchy” fantasies are not to be – as the Ice Cream shirt only comes in dog sizes bebe-XL. Available from Japan’s AppleDome ranging in price from 2,400-3,600 Yen ($22 – $30 USD) depending on size. Without understanding Kanji you might have tough time figuring out how to order one of these. All we could figure out is that you can try emailing AppleDome directly. Good Luck!

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