Cool it with an Ice Cream cone shirt from Apple Dome

Lick it Up! So simple and understated – the unmistakable silhouette of an ice cream cone – this shirt will have tongues wagging. And yes you are right – Brown was the new Black last season – but it just won’t go away! The pairing of this salmon pink with the brown looks super hot on pretty much any dog. Heck we’d go so far as to rock a Mommy & Me version of this tee if it was available! But alas our “Matchy-matchy” fantasies are not to be – as the Ice Cream shirt only comes in dog sizes bebe-XL. Available from Japan’s AppleDome ranging in price from 2,400-3,600 Yen ($22 – $30 USD) depending on size. Without understanding Kanji you might have tough time figuring out how to order one of these. All we could figure out is that you can try emailing AppleDome directly. Good Luck!

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