Step into the Light with LUZ

My favorite little dog in the world is a little terrier named Luz.

Walking LUZ

Luz means “Light” in Spanish and she is the inspiration for this lamp.

Luz just came back from the vet and that is why she has a lampshade thing around her head.

Luz likes to eat lots of treats and store them in her small belly. You can pull her tail and see what I mean.

She’s a bit of a rascal, and I promise she will lighten up your day.

Luz is the brainchild of  Melissa Rivera-Torres, creator and designer of Unleash Studio. It has been her dream to create unique things and share them with the world. We say mission accomplished!


One response on “Step into the Light with LUZ


    This is so awesome!! Total work of art and so useful at the same time. These would be so cute in a kids room too!

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