Dara’s Flickr Pick of the Day: Ryu the Maltipoo After Grooming

Ryu the Maltipoo After Grooming
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Ryu the Maltipoo After Grooming
photograph by :PinkPucciDogGrooming

Let’s just admit it, the Japanese are beyond KEWL when it comes to trends, fashion and style. I am obsessed with the creativity of Japanese grooming and the overall coolness of the dog fashion movement in the far east.
They take dog grooming to a whole new level by thinking outside of the box using truly creative and artistic sculptural elements to create unique canine hair styles. They turn dogs into real life teddy bears, polar bears & lion look-a likes with grooming techniques and safe hair color. The summer can pose major dog fashion issues if you live in a hot climate, so find yourself a Japanese dog groomer that approaches your dogs coat as creatively as YOUR own hair stylist!

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3 responses on “Dara’s Flickr Pick of the Day: Ryu the Maltipoo After Grooming

  1. Jon Spooner

    Is this too over the top? What do you think about the dyed hair color on ears and paws? I want to hear from you!
    Dara Foster

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