Pics from the Cat Fashion Show in New York City!

North Shore Animal League along with the Algonquin hotel celebrated their famous hotel-kitty Matilda’s birthday with a Feline Fashion show for the ages!

Countless future LOL Cats were on hand to model some their favorite outfits!

Check out some of the action below and then be sure to check the whole slideshow over at Refinery29


3 responses on “Pics from the Cat Fashion Show in New York City!

  1. babra konderla

    love the cats i have two of my own one is a tuxedo tomm and he is 19 years old. and the other looks kind of like a lemor and he bounces around like one to. i think he was a dog in his previous life because when ever you come in he throws himself at your feet and rolls over to let you rub his belly. they other one could care less he’s to above this approch.

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