HOT DESIGNER ALERT! Little Yorkie Fru Fru

Ever wish you were a dog? I’ll bet you say “yes” for many reasons, but my reason today is due to my latest dog fashion obsession with Little Yorkie Fru Fru.

As a former ballerina, and mother of two girlie-girls, I have a serious addiction to tutus and would be begging to be decked out in Little Yorkie Fru Fru’s tutu harness if I were a dog. The creator of this brand Kelly Owens pays insane attention to detail and craftsmanship that you’ll never find from a mass produced brand. If you’re looking for the perfect doggie party dress or even just a few festive accessories for big or small dogs, look no further than Little Yorkie Fru Fru.


4 responses on “HOT DESIGNER ALERT! Little Yorkie Fru Fru

  1. Pamela

    These “Little Yorkie Fru Fru” designs are very lovely. You should also check out Linda Higgins Doggie Designs also! She has some beautiful designs as well!

  2. dara

    I am obsessed with Little Yorki Fru Fru by Kelly Owens! I met her on Facebook a few months ago and instantly fell in love with her designs. Her creativity, attention to details and whimsey make her one of my all tim fav designers to watch. Good things are on the horizon for Kelly Owens!

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