Best Friends Again offers a free chance to clone your dog

With the news of Dolly being cloned back in 1997 – Best Friends Again CEO Lou Hawthorne decided to take fate by the reins and started the Missyplicity project in Feb 2000. The project’s goal was simple yet very difficult- cloning of Lou’s family dog Missy. After Missy passed away in 2002 the project banked Missy’s genetics for the future cloning attempts. With the South Korean successful cloning of a dog (‘Snuppy’) in the same year the Missyplicity project was reinvigorated and went to meet with the South Korean team. Returning home in 2007 with 3 genetic duplicates of Missy (Mira, Chingu & Sarang – pictured to right) – Hawthorne declared the project a success and partnered with the South Korean team to offer a limited number of clonings available through the Best Friends Again company. Currently 5 clonings are going to be offered in an auction through the companies website starting on July 5th-July 9th. Bidding is expected to start at $100,000-$180,000 and could range upwards of $250,000+ For those of us who love our dogs but can’t quite rationalize a 2nd mortgage on a risky cloning technique – a single cloning is being given away through the Golden Clone Giveaway.

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