Limited Edition Dog artpieces from Swedish design agency DO

DO Original design agency founder Agnetha Sjogren was originally asked to do a display for a luxury storefront. And when the dog sculptures garnered all of the attention she knew she was on to something. Since then she has put out many artworks incorporating the trusted dog/puppy shape with disparate media inspired by her world travels. And until recently these works of art have only been seen travelling the artworld circuit – but now thanks to a deal with (a luxury limited edition online shoppe) two of her pieces are available to purchase.

The sculptures ‘Hero’ and ‘Ozzy’ come complete with a full personality of their own and a very exclusive pedigree (each is limited to 1 of 1). Hero is comprised of paper mache made up of newspaper cartoons showcasing the Phantom – and Ozzy is a rockstar ala his namesake and comes decked out in goth black sequins with a fierce collar combo. The Hero and Ozzy pieces are available for a very limited time and clock in at £3000 and £3,400 respectively. Check below for more pictures of 1. Hero and 2. Ozzy as well as two other pieces 3. Mr. Globetrotter 4. DoggyBag. (photos from: & DO Art Ltd.)

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