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AYE Chihuahua!! Heaven is a kiosk in Mexico International Airport!!!

I searched high and low to find a pet boutique in Cancun, Mexico and thought I was coming home empty handed to two very disappointed chihuahuas. But I am happy to report that the canine Gods delivered and they even threw in a visit from the “Dogg-Father” himself – Snoop Dogg! I bumped into Snoop at Hot Dogs All Dressed at the Mexico City International Airport.

Hot Dogs All Dressed is a well merchandised airport kiosk/store that has just the right mix of haute mode items for your dog or cat at reasonable prices!

I spotted this amazing “Official Mariachi” tee for Emmett.

MeiMei can let everyone know how “WANTED” she is in this awesome airbrushed Day of the Dead tee.

The HotDogs All dressed concept is simply genius! Quick pet gifts on the go! I was able to save my reputation as “most favored Mommy” with a couple of quick gifts for Emmett and MeiMei. Snoop Dogg ended up purchasing quite a few items for his daughter’s precious little Yorkie. Here’s hoping that Hot Dogs All Dressed expands worldwide! It will make souvenir shopping that much easier and layovers that much more fun!


Lap of Luxury – Boca Raton, FL

Lap of Luxury in the ever so fabulous Boca Raton! Lap of Luxury is a Dog Spa that features seven mini-boutiques throughout the store with a host of posh accessories from top European, Asian and American designers that include bags, clothing, pet carriers, collars and leashes, pet beds, jewelry and accessories. Some of my faves? The Hello Kitty Boutique where MeiMei scored some super cute outfits, the Paris Erotica Boutique! Our favorite New York City resource for these clothes is now closed so we were really excited to see this collection!

I was literally speechless as I stepped through the doors! The state-of-the-art grooming salon where pets are groomed and coiffed with loving care by trained professionals and overseen by “groomer to the stars” and new managing partner, Jonathan David of Animal Planet’s”Dogs 101″ and “Groomer Has It”, rivaled any chic luxury salon I have been in to date!

These Porcelain Bowls by Koko Von Knebel are made from high-grade porcelain in the EU and have a crisscross pattern running around the outside. The finishing touches are put on in 24K gold. Each bowl has a cutout on one side for easy pickup. All bowls are a limited edition and can be gently washed in the dishwasher.

These dog collars by Vonder Bitch were the epitome of understated elegance for all dogs big and small!

On the VERY extravagant side is the Marilyn Muttroe Crystal Bed.This beautiful bed carries Swarovski encrusted bone shapes on each of the four sides with a crystal covered ball at the four corner posts. The removable bed cover has 2 complimentary fabrics (one on each side) for changing looks and comes with a pillow and blanket, all machine washable !

 I cannot say enough about the super friendly staff and gorgeous selection this store has to offer!


Who’s Your Doggy

Who’s Your Doggy
197 Adelphi St
Brooklyn Ny 11205


I’ll admit it – I am a sucker for a good spontaneous adventure so it’s not surprising that I found this great pet store while sniffing around Ft. Greene, Brooklyn! Who’s Your Doggy is situated in a sweet neighborhood with a hip sneaker store Pedigree and WTF Coffee Lab. (where Carlene had the best cup of Macchiato she has ever had. No joke!)

In a world where some neighborhood pet stores are more like warehouses with limited space to move around, here is a store that actually has some breathing room! There are aisles of treats, dog food, toys and just about anything you can imagine to make your pet’s life healthier and more rewarding. The goal at W.Y.D. is to provide premium holistic and organic brands of food for cats and dogs.

The food brands they carry are free of by-products, sugars, fillers, food colorings and gluten and are recommended by the “Whole Dog Journal“. If you don’t see your brand in the store they will special order it for you.

In addition to carrying Cat and Dog supplies, Who’s Your Doggy provides grooming services by Casper Cassarino. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays you can use their sinks, shampoos, dryers and towels to wash your own dirty dog.

W.Y.D. has good prices. I’ve compared their prices to other pet stores and they’re considerably lower. As you know, pet supplies are becoming more and more expensive so a little savings helps when you have two dogs to feed. ;o)

Atmosphere is also muy importante – so if you like lots of activity, and the chance to see other people’s dogs, you’re going to love this store! On my last visit to the store, I met two extremely friendly dogs, a very well-behaved pet-loving child and a lovable Tabby! This makes shopping for pet supplies all the more fun!

I was also impressed with the friendly and caring staff. Manager Jesse Santiago and owner Tracy Klonowski were both knowledgeable and eager to show us around and introduce us to new brands!

We found this cute little collapsible soft sided dog house – perfect for watching Kung Fu movies while munching on fortune cookies from Kung Fu Fido!

Ted and Bella pretty much rule the place but that’s okay they were both very welcoming and hospitable!

So next time you venture out of Gotham check out Who’s Your Doggy! Definitely worth the trip!!!!!

Who’s Your Doggy
197 Adelphi St
Brooklyn Ny 11205

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