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Etsy Wednesday: Terrifying Dinosaur Shirt from Minoupitou

From the Great White North of Vancouver hails the excellent Etsy shop of Minoupitou. Run by Ang who also spends her daytime making costumes for big-time movies such as Tron, 2012, Suckerpunch and many others. These super cute Terrifying Dinosaur shirts will let your Jurassic Pup go wild! Available in 3 colors (pink, green & blue) the shirts come in a range of smaller dog sizes and run $45 a piece. Continue reading


Etsy Wednesday: Rear Gear

With a little bit of imagination, paper, string and an etsy account the world is your oyster! And in this case Lauren Shumaker the creator “behind” RearGear has set herself up with a great little side business while in school finishing her engineering degree. The etsy page heralds the product claim of “No more Mr. Brown Eye” and it delivers!

A simple design that hangs from your dog’s tail like a rear view air freshener while covering up their butt. The Rear Gear is offered in a wide range of design choices Continue reading

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