Etsy Wednesday: Rear Gear

With a little bit of imagination, paper, string and an etsy account the world is your oyster! And in this case Lauren Shumaker the creator “behind” RearGear has set herself up with a great little side business while in school finishing her engineering degree. The etsy page heralds the product claim of “No more Mr. Brown Eye” and it delivers!

A simple design that hangs from your dog’s tail like a rear view air freshener while covering up their butt. The Rear Gear is offered in a wide range of design choices (disco ball, air freshener, heart, flower, biohazard, smiley face, number one ribbon, cupcake, sheriff’s badge & dice) and for the truly bold you can even have a custom design made up! One caveat for the short tailed pups out there – beware as these butt covers might not stay affixed to stumpy (less than 2 inch) tails. These obvious gag gifts have been given the highest compliment and are being seriously debated whether they hurt the dog (eyes rolling out of head). These make hilarious gifts for new puppy owners, are only $5 a piece and are available to be purchased at the Rear Gear Etsy Store!

Three dogs on the beach - not an unsightly anus in sight. Thank you Rear Gear!

Rear Gear no more mr. brown eye!

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