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Handcrafted woven leather dog dish from Bottega Veneta

From famed luxury line Bottega Veneta – we are treated to a classic in terms of high-end Food/Water bowls. Black Italian leather interwoven in their signature Intrecciato style surrounds a stainless steel bowl – and all this for a mere $540 (available online directly from Bottega Veneta). In this case you are buying a great deal more than simply some fine grade leather and a steel bowl (exclusive prestige is part of the package) – as any design-snob worth their salt will be practically licking the bowl in deference to this king among luxury brands.


Stylish bent plywood & ceramic bowls from Otis and Claude

You can finally rid yourself of those unsightly stainless steel dog bowls that you hide when guests visit your pad. Otis and Claude have designed these pupstylilsh, utilitarian works of art disguised as pet feeders to spark “Ooo’s” and “Ahhhh’s” from all your snobby designista friends. The sturdy base is constructed of Italian teak veneered over plywood and the bowls are sculpted modern ceramic forms. They even offer additional ceramic bowls sold separately so you can have a spare on hand if one breaks. Available at DesignPublic and priced extremely right at $58 a pop!


Yummy Ceramic dog feeders designed by Karim Rashid

In our never ending quest to be the biggest pet product snobs on the planet, we’ve found the must-have dog bowl for all you modern design junkies out there who love to name drop. Super fab, poet of plastic, Karim Rashid has finally designed the ultimate sculptural dog bowl at a freakishly low price. The Yum Bowl is ceramic and has a sleek hole in the side that serves as a handle. The bottom is non-skid, microwavable safe. This Bau-wau-haus appropriate bowl is served up in 2 sizes and can be had for $38-46 at Forthedogs and several other on-line stores.


Gold plated dog dish from Hedy Manon

If your pooch kicks it in fancy-pants Bel Aire rather than Bohemian West Hollywood you should investigate Hedy Manon luxury food bowls. Manon serves up the fanciest feeders around – handmade by skilled craftsman these canine casseroles are then dipped in 18K gold. Each feeder has a glass bowl that can easily be removed from the gold base making it easier for “the help” to clean up after Fluffy’s Breakfast messes. Look at it as another item for your heirs to fight over – but of course we know you plan on leaving it all to Fluffy.


Wag Wear Dog Food Placemat – now 100% Cheese-Free!

Chic Chow Spot. It took a lot digging around for us to find a place mat that didn’t have tacky little dog bones or the words “woof” painted on it, but we finally found it. The folks at Wag Wear designed a sophisticated and modern canvas place mat to catch all the drops and spills from your hungry muncher while allowing enough space to fully accommodate two 7″ bowls. It is available in 6 colors to choose from $32.

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