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HOT DESIGNER ALERT! Little Yorkie Fru Fru

Ever wish you were a dog? I’ll bet you say “yes” for many reasons, but my reason today is due to my latest dog fashion obsession with Little Yorkie Fru Fru.

As a former ballerina, and mother of two girlie-girls, I have a serious addiction to tutus and would be begging to be decked out in Little Yorkie Fru Fru’s tutu harness if I were a dog. The creator of this brand Kelly Owens pays insane attention to detail and craftsmanship that you’ll never find from a mass produced brand. If you’re looking for the perfect doggie party dress or even just a few festive accessories for big or small dogs, look no further than Little Yorkie Fru Fru.


Edgy Mini-Pins for your min-pin

Riding along nicely on the coat tails of the punkrock mini pin trend – Now you’ve got an easy way to spruce up last season’s coat. Colette in Paris is offering this set of 4 edgy and cool mini pins. Unfortunately these are not available online – but if you are ever in Paris do stop into Colette to snap these up. Your street cred will be beyond reproach when you roll into the dog walk rocking these bad boys! Mind you these are for expressing your puppies inner angst and should not be worn in mixed company! With lines such as “I can shit anywhere!” and “I fucked Lassie” – this is probably not for visits to Grandmother’s house, but perfect for rolling out on the mean streets of the city.

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