Modern and stylish pet stairs from UrbanPetHaus

Newly launched has a great collection of attractive modern designed pet furniture. Ranging from beds to crates to feeders and more, the UrbanPetHaus line is impressive in it’s overall style and breadth. But what really grabbed our attention are their bedroom staircase options – with 5 unique & appealing designs (see below) combining rich wood-grain veneers with clean metal framing.

Finally! We have been trying to figure out a way to give our wee Chihuahua Bernard a way to climb up into bed without having to whine at us all night. Previous to these options from UrbanPetHaus the bedroom stairs that we’ve seen in the marketplace look like cheap shag-covered Tetris pieces that will be in tatters and look terrible with more than a month of use (by Bernard as well as the bigger dogs). But these stairs look like they can handle a good amount of action while maintaining their good looks. Our only concern is whether the veneered steps might be a bit too slippery for four furry feet? I could see Mr. Jenkins and his black fuzzy paws wiping out pretty hard in a moment of excitement. But otherwise this will serve as a perfect solution for Bernard’s late-night needs.

For more information about urbanpethaus visit their newly launched site.

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