Super slick bowtie collar & leash set from Louis Vuitton

Nothing says “Spoiled & Fresh” at the same time like a dog collar and leash set from Louis Vuitton. The Baxter collar line from LV is pure canine elegance mixed with a healthy dose of conspicuous consumption. The set comes decked out in the famous LV patterned canvas backed with buttery smooth leather. And as a style bonus for the micro-pups (4lbs and less) the petit collar includes a removable brass LV bow tie. Leave it on for formal occasions and whip it off for letting loose. The Baxter sets are available in larger sizes as well – but no bowtie. (a class action size discrimination suit if I’ve ever heard of one!) The collars range in price from $250-$275 (USD) and the matching leashes run from $270-$305 (USD). Normally available thru Louis Vuitton’s website they are currently sold out online and only available at LV’s NYC flagship store.

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