Shiny and bright fabrics make the Auntie line from Bully Ware pop!

Space-age gear for your Nano-Nu-Raver! Throughout Europe and certain enclaves in the Americas we are witnessing a definite 2nd coming of Raver style. And whether you and your pooch are PLURed out in some pirate warehouse rave or just looking to cop some retro 90’s raver style the series of Auntie “think-tanks” from Bullyware will outfit you perfectly. The Auntie series comes in Auntie Fur, Auntie Gravity, Auntie-Depression and Auntie-War. Each are trimmed with clever hand-drawn artwork and NASA-esque shiny silver trim. Don’t be surprised to find your dog totally blissed-out busting some glow-stick moves in the basement. The tanks are available for $32.00 through

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