Fierce 3D dragon coat for dogs from ModRuff designs

With it’s worldwide debut recently on the runways at Pet Fashion Week Tokyo, ModRuff’s unique sculpted dogwear has taken the dog fashion world by storm. Their natural rubber materials and painstakingly detailed construction process makes for the most unique dog clothing in the world. ModRuff‘s lead designer was inspired by a weather manipulating Spirit Dragon (Hyorinmaru) and built up the dragons body shape through applying multiple layers of rubber.

The coat is currently available in three color combinations: The Spirit Dragon (pictured) is matte black with a red dragon, while the Mortal Dragon (pictured below) is a red coat with a forest-green dragon with yellow hair and lastly the Urban Camo Dragon is a 4-color grey-tone camouflage coat with a black dragon. The Mortal Dragon coloring is almost too realistic – conjuring images of that guy with an iguana on his shoulder at the Renaissance fair. While the other colorways have a slick modern and minimal feel.

The coats are lined in faux fur, and are protective against all weather conditions, as well as scrapes and scratches. Though not currently available online the Dragon coats can be ordered directly from the designer by emailing them here.

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