The Pet Corrector

The Pet Corrector is a “must have” item for correcting unwanted behavior during holiday entertaining! If you’re tired of your dog barking every time a new guest rings the door bell during your holiday party, the Pet Corrector is your new best friend! The Pet Corrector is a can of compressed air that emits a hiss sounds which animals (like snakes, insects and geese) use to drive off predators. Dogs are instinctively sensitive to this sound and when you press the button during undesired behavior the pet will stop the action. You only want to use this for stopping unwanted behaviors and be sure to reward good behavior with love and affection.
I’ve personally been using this on my Jack Russell Terrier, Flo, who used to constantly bark at people and cars through the windows. Now after a few “pet corrections” she hardly ever barks at them any more and will even stop if she sees the big red can come out!

Available at most major retail stores and online thru amazon:

The Company Of Animals Pet Corrector

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