Monogrammed Dog Life Jacket from Neiman Marcus

Just like an open car window dogs just love to stand on the bow of a boat and feel the wind in their hair. Yet sometimes they push it a bit too far and tip overboard! Well now you can relax knowing that if you’ve got a non-aquatic dog overboard all you need to do is loop back around and scoop them back on deck. This vinyl covered foam dog life jacket comes in a decorative bronze color with a monogram letter to make sure not to get your life-vest mixed up with your dog’s. As an echo of latter day bling – the monogram also includes a subtle bling highlight with 2-3 embeded jewels. Another nice feature are the double handles that make lifting your pooch out of the water super simple. We’re not sure how this effects your dogs ability to shake dry – but that is a minor price to pay for worry free boating. The Monogramed Dog Life Vest is available from Neiman Marcus online for $89.00.

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