Matthew Broderick checks into Celebri-dog Rehab

Matty-B stepping out on the mean streets of NYC with his Jack Russell Terrier by his side. I hate to rain on your parade there Matthew – but you are a “Movie Star”. And rolling out of bed in a sweatshirt with no doggie dressings will not fly. And yes living in NYC gets you out of the whole Hollywood lifestyle but no this does not qualify your dog for an exception to the laws of PupStyle! First you need to admit that there is a problem with your naked dog and then we can begin the therapy.

A little Retro Relevancy goes a long way! Dude you are an icon for a generation – own up to it! Maybe having your dog rocking a “SAVE FERRIS” shirt will get the message to Hollywood – Green Light Ferris Bueller 2! These tees are available thru some random Zazzle shop.

The Inspector Gadget look might make a come-back! Sure this might have been the low-water mark for your career – but that doesn’t keep it from being a potential style influence for your pooch! These AquaScutum Trench coats are handmade in the UK and are available from

Maybe you could spring for a new leash! Seeing as your wife (SJP) is a fashion icon maybe you could turn up the style and get your pup a fab new leash from fine Italian leash makers Cinopelca


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