$3000/bottle perfume for your dog from VIP Les Poochs

Do the holidays have you stressing and guessing what to buy the dog who has everything? Well if you are running out of extravagant options consider your problem solved! Bridging a delicate gap; this gift says both “I love you” and “you stink” in one fell swoop. The extremely rare and expensive V.I.P. dog parfum from Les Poochs clocks in at $3000 for this 4oz bottle of exotic and beautiful fragrance. The parfum is derived from flower petals of the extremely rare Osmanthus flower. It takes up to two years to grow enough Osmanthus petals to obtain enough oil for 4 ounces of the fragrance. And as a cost cutting measure you can share the fragrance as well! People will be cuddling up close you and your pup to catch a whiff of your exclusive Osmanthus scents. Available by invitation only at Les Poochs.


You & Your Dog Cleaning Kit from Aesop

Fancy Aussie botanicalist Aesop has been pumping out exotic cleansers and moisturizers for years. Now they take on inter-species hygiene with their You & Your Dog Cleansing Kit. A two bottle set finely tuned for delicate care of skin and fur. For the two-legged family members get spic-n-span with their Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser which comes packed with botanical extracts of Ylang Ylang, Wild Lime and Bergamot. While your four-legged family members can spruce up with exceptionally gentle Extracts of Lemon Rind, Tea Tree and Spearmint Leaf that will keep even the most sensitive hide iritation-free and stroke-ably soft. Priced at $64.50 this cleaning kit will make for a happier and more fragrant family pack.

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