You & Your Dog Cleaning Kit from Aesop

Fancy Aussie botanicalist Aesop has been pumping out exotic cleansers and moisturizers for years. Now they take on inter-species hygiene with their You & Your Dog Cleansing Kit. A two bottle set finely tuned for delicate care of skin and fur. For the two-legged family members get spic-n-span with their Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser which comes packed with botanical extracts of Ylang Ylang, Wild Lime and Bergamot. While your four-legged family members can spruce up with exceptionally gentle Extracts of Lemon Rind, Tea Tree and Spearmint Leaf that will keep even the most sensitive hide iritation-free and stroke-ably soft. Priced at $64.50 this cleaning kit will make for a happier and more fragrant family pack.

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