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Puppy de Paris – Royal Dog Bowl

Could this possibly be the most refined dog bowl in the world?
Paris-based Puppy de Paris has been making museum-quality dog furniture for years. Their exclusive Baron Haussmann Sofa is the dog sofa of choice for the the Ritz Hotel Place Vendôme’s VIP pet clientelle (including Coco Chanel, the Duchess of Windsor, Elton John and many more).

This incredibly luxurious dog bowl continues Puppy de Paris’ tradition of artisan grade pet finery. The Eculle Royale bowl was inspired by a 16th century goldsmith’s drawing and references the King of France’s coat of arm’s with 3 Fleur de Lis. Crafted in their Paris-based jewelry workshop the exterior is gilded in 24K gold and the interior dish is made of glass. The Royal Bowls are offered in a limited edition of 100 pieces and each comes in a silk-lined wooden travel box. With this level of luxury price is usually no object – and in this case L’Eculle Royale lives up to it’s pedigree with a price of $4400.00 USD. For purchasing information see the Puppy de Paris website.

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