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Retro-inspired Reindeer and Santa dog toys

These toys are stylish, fun and are made from eco-fill a 100% certified recycled fill made from plastic water bottles. Inside the toy there is a two-way squeaker – for twice the frenzy-inducing squeak-mania! The toys are made from a substantial canvas material printed with safe dyes and have a faux fur backing. Santa and the Reindeer are available in 2 sizes 7″ & 11″.



Flat Quack Stuffing-Free Toys by West Paw

If you’ve been anywhere near a big box pet store lately, you can’t help but notice more and more stuffing-free toys on the market.
We WORSHIP them at PupStyle HQ because they provide hours of entertainment for our psycho Jack Russell “Flo” while leaving our floors
nice, tidy and stuffing-free.

West Paw is now offering really great stuffing-free toys that look fantastic on your floor or in your dogs mouth. The Flat Quacks have two squeakers
inside to make your dog go extra bonkers.
NOTE: Please remember to throw the squeakers away immediately once they fall out to prevent choking.
The “Flat Quacks” are $14.30 and made in Montana!


Antique style dog toys from Red Rover

As if pulled from the pages of a 1950’s children’s book these super-fresh 100% latex toys will give you second thoughts about letting your dog chew on them. With an unbelievable attention to detail and subtle coloring these finely crafted toys might end up in a display case rather than bowser’s boudoir. With the latest fashion trends heading towards antique authenticity and “old timey” styles these adorable dolls are on point and ahead of the curve. The toys are made from completely non-toxic latex (no lead!) and the folks at Red Rover even had the toys tested independently for toxins just to be certain of the safety of their clients. The toys range in height from the diminutive 4″ Baby Bunny all the way up to the Gargantuan 12″ Goose with prices from $9.00 – $25.00. The entire line of Frogs, Bunnies, Geese, Ducks and Storks are available to purchase online directly from the designer.

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