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Sculptural Stainless Steel Treat Jar from Wetnoz

Finally a sleek, modern treat container to complement your stainless steel kitchen gadgets and appliances. The smart designers at WetNoz realize that treat jars covered in dog bones and kitty paws don’t always work in today’s modern kitchens. This cool jar holds up to 5 cups of snacks and would even make a snazzy coffee bean container for the two legged set. And if you do go down the coffee bean path you could even pair it with a matching stainless coffee cup! Priced like a small countertop appliance and built to last the Tidbits Treat Jar is available directly from the designers for $115.95.


Stainless Steel leash hook from Italian Dimensione Disegno

Keeping the party “on the hook”. If your little party animal is known as the one who shows up right as the party goes “off the hook” – this might be the perfect pet gadget for you. The Leone – Wall Dog Hook offers you a third hand to help hold a wiggly leash when you get back home from a particularly exciting squirrel chase in the park.

Made of stainless steel the Leone’s round face plate is riveted with a steel hook and an easy latch carabiner. We could see these hooks used as a bathing restraint as well as giving you a hands-free towel-off pause after coming in from a rainy walk. Currently the Wall Dog Hook is not available to purchase online but you can contact the design firm – Dimensione Disegno for further details.

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