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Nike Dog Sculptures Redefines Recycling!

Holy recycling Batman! These  dog sculptures are crafted out of classic Nike sneakers by English designer Vinti Andrews. Going way beyond eco and straight to cool. Made from broken down pieces of shoe, reconstructed into the shape of a dog, complete with a spiked collar and a chain-link leash, this  series of custom canines features different colors and styles of sneaker! The  sculptures are available now from the Japanese site Beams! and clock in at ¥350,000 (about $4500.00 USD) Nobody said it was easy (or cheap) being green!

Check out the whole collection of recycled sneaker dogs here.

Recycled Nike sneakers dog sculpture by Vinti Andrews
Vinti Andrews sculpts dogs from recycled Nike sneakers


Bone and ball toys from Planet Dog with a recycled past

What first grabbed our attention was the sleek shiny black exterior which deviates from the bright primary color norm of dog toys – as well as the seemingly ubiquitous three arrow recycling icon. Then upon further inspection we realized that the recycling icon does not serve as mere window dressing. Portland, Maine based Planet Dog has a solid track record of making some of the cutest dog toys around. And with making all of these toys out of their signature Orbee-Tuff® – there is bound to be some extra scraps and 2nds. Planet Dog “regrinds” these remnant Orbee-Tuff scraps into these 100% recycled eco-toys! The RecycleBone and Recycle Ball are available for $12.00 a piece.

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