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Punk rock dog fashions from WookLink priced to please

If your dog has ever threatened to pierce his nose, stick it to “the man” and rock out for ANARCHY! then he’ll love Wooflink’s latest collection of embellished rocker wear. Inspired by punk trends from the good ol’days of the 80’s, their new collection is high on details and light on the wallet. Most of their pieces are priced right in the mid $20-30 range and they still deliver when it comes to stand-out details and construction. Beware, this brand is not for the conservative uptown dog, but for a beer can crushing mutt with an attitude. The WoofLink Punk Kid coat is available to purchase from a slew of worldwide shops – check wooflink.com for retail locations.


Pink Polka Dog drops their latest Rockin’ Wonderland fashion line

With the introduction of their Fall/Winter ’07 line Pink Polka Dog leaves tongues and tails wagging. A truly unique style is portrayed at the intersection of Alice in Wonderland and Classic Rock. Pink Polka Dog’s in-house model Snoopy rocks a stovepipe fedora with all of the aplomb of a late 80’s Slash. The cuts and construction of these clothes are up to PPD exacting handmade standards. Whether you admire the gold embroidery details on The Mad Hatter hoodie (pic 1 below) or the super-cute repeating bunny pattern on the “Down the Rabbit Hole” dress (pic 2 below) your pup is certain to step out in style. And taking a cue from human streetwear PPD has all over pattern print “Underground Tea Party” hooded graf tees available in two styles: “Party Mix tape” (pic 3 below) or “Boombox” (pic 4 below). A pooch collection sure to please the snootiest Queen of Hearts or the Maddest of Hatters. The collection will be available online and in select high-end boutiques this fall.


Edgy Mini-Pins for your min-pin

Riding along nicely on the coat tails of the punkrock mini pin trend – Now you’ve got an easy way to spruce up last season’s coat. Colette in Paris is offering this set of 4 edgy and cool mini pins. Unfortunately these are not available online – but if you are ever in Paris do stop into Colette to snap these up. Your street cred will be beyond reproach when you roll into the dog walk rocking these bad boys! Mind you these are for expressing your puppies inner angst and should not be worn in mixed company! With lines such as “I can shit anywhere!” and “I fucked Lassie” – this is probably not for visits to Grandmother’s house, but perfect for rolling out on the mean streets of the city.

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